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How To Host The Perfect Summer Garden Party

Protecting your teak garden furnitureYour garden should be enjoyed all year round - but friends may not always be willing to enjoy it with you in cold winter months. That’s why summer is the perfect time of year to make the most of your garden.

A summer garden party can adopt any style you like - be it a barbecue, picnic, or even a classy tea party. All are great ways to get your friends around and show off your blooming flowers and stylish garden furniture.

Here’s our guide to hosting the perfect summer garden party:

Choose a theme

First, you will want to decide on a theme - perhaps ‘picnic’, ‘beach’ or ‘elegant’? Use your theme to help choose the food, decoration and music for your party.

Plan ahead

You don’t want to be chopping salad and marinating chicken when your friends arrive, so prepare as much as you can beforehand. Check if any of your guests are vegetarian and be prepared to dish up some veggie options if so.

Keep food fresh by bringing it out at the last minute.

Store cold drinks in a cooler or a clean bucket filled with ice. It saves multiple journeys to the kitchen.

Beer and wine can complement a garden party - but don’t rely purely on alcohol. Jugs of water or fruit juices will keep your guests refreshed and hydrated, and are ideal for those driving.

Keep them entertained

Ask someone to help with music and drinks to save you trying to do everything. Your friends are more likely to enjoy the party if you are too, so relax, and delegate!

If you’re inviting children to your garden party, make sure they will be entertained. Set aside an area of the garden with fun activities such as a children’s spring rocker, volleyball and a paddling pool, or simply a colouring corner and some bubbles.

Keep bugs at bay

Unwanted guests can ruin a summer party, so keep insects away by burning citronella candles. Insects don’t like the smell so they will flee. Garlic is another scent that keeps the bugs away, so using lots of it in your cooking will be a bonus!

Other tips for keeping out uninvited guests include setting a jam jar well away from your food to distract wasps, drawing lines with chalk to keep ants at bay and holding your party away from your garden’s most fragrant flowers.

Beat the elements

A gazebo is ideal for keeping guests shaded during a garden party. Take a look at our great range of gazebos to find one that suits your outdoor space.

Don't worry if your friends all arrive in summer gear with no jumpers or jackets. will keep your guests warm when the sun goes in, allowing you to enjoy your alfresco party into the early hours.

Once you’re kitted out with gazebo, lights and patio heater there’s nothing stopping you from having your garden party all year round!

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How To Host The Perfect Summer Garden Party

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