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How To Breeze Through The Winter With Minimal Upkeep In Your Garden

How To Breeze Through the Winter With Minimal Upkeep In Your Garden

Last winter heavy snows wreaked havoc on many areas of the U.K., closing schools, suspending power, and blanketing homes and gardens.  This year the “Beast from the East” has caused a £520,000 overspend on winter services in Bradford alone.  Don´t despair however, winter maintenance can be made easy for your personal garden with the use of some precautionary measures. Whether you are protecting your existing plants or looking into what vegetation might best survive the winter, there are several alternatives open to you.

Keeping Clear of Debris: Low Maintenance Options …

When it´s cold outside, nobody wants to spend a lot of time working on their lawns.  Luckily, it is not necessary. Briza media grass is a low maintenance choice, as it flowers from May until June and clean up is only necessary in August.  Carex grasses are an easy option as well, only needing to an occasional rake over the winter months. For true ease of maintenance try artificial turf, which will keep your lawn looking green and tidy while holding up to the elements all year long.  Keeping the environment in mind, you can even repurpose the lawn turf when it has seen better days.

Don´t Neglect Personal Care When Gardening …

When you are out in the cold, tending to your garden you want to feel comfortable and protected from harsh winter elements. Put some thought into those layers.  For example, use pants that have knee padding already sewn in.  Protect yourself from any whipping winds by using a windproof and waterproof jacket.  Always remember to protect yourself with a hat and gloves.

Decor That Holds Up All Year …

Outdoor sitting areas are easier to care for when they can stand up to the elements. Furniture made from hardwood like teak is much more durable as it does not expand or contract as much when the temperature changes. Teak’s natural oils protect its surface so less upkeep is necessary throughout the year. Eucalyptus is another great choice in hardwood as it is resistant to rot and insect damage. However, it does need to be treated.

This winter bundle up and with your scarf and jumper, light the fire, and get the water boiling to make some tea.  Also, remember to use these simple tips to keep your outdoor space just as cozy and easy to care for as your indoor space.

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