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Which Type of Gardener are You?

Siberian Dogwood ShrubWhether you've just started gardening in the last twelve months, or have been growing your own veg on an allotment for years, you've already fallen into a certain type of category of gardener.

Over the years I've dabbled in growing fruit and veg. I've used raised beds and cold-frame set-ups and have acquired certain typical gardener characteristics.

Usually, just when I'm ready to psyche myself up for a day full of back-breaking digging, it all grinds to a halt - I forget to buy essentials like seeds.

Here are some 'typical' gardener types -

The "Oh, Crap!" Gardener, The Mad Scientist, The Accountant, The Dreamer, The Doomsday Prepper and The Librarian.

1. The "Oh, Crap!" Gardener: Basically forgets to buy stuff like the all important seeds just before starting to dig.

2. The Mad Scientist: Reads up on everything, has tons of gardening books and experiments in the garden.

3. The Accountant: Knows the costs of all the supplies, keeps records, shops around and chooses the most productive plants & shrubs.

4. The Dreamer: Is all caring about the environment and can happily while away time in the garden doing absolutely nothing like admiring the wildlife.

5. The Doomsday Prepper: Is totally practical and will find the most efficient way to complete a task even when fancy tools may not be to hand.

6. The Librarian: Likes helping others and very collaborative - definitely a community gardener. There's book inside them for sure.

So which type of gardener are you?

Find out more about your gardening character from Damon over at

Tell me your gardening character below in the comments now - Don't be shy...


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