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Video - World's Largest Floating Christmas Tree

There are a few candidates for the world's largest Christmas tree but this contender in Rio certainly gets my vote - It floats as well...

This massive floating Christmas tree was first put up in Rio de Janeiro in 1996 by Brazil's biggest insurance firm. It is officially entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest floating Christmas tree. It's now one of biggest global tourist attractions due to its huge size and spectacular lighting.

The tree is decorated based on a theme of the four seasons of the earth. The seasons are represented with spring flowers, summer with gold ribbons, autumn with images of leaves and winter has snowflakes. Most of all the Christmas tree stands for peace in Rio.

Want to build your own? You'll need an 85 metre high tree, 3.1 million light bulbs and somewhere to float it - and that's just to equal this 542 tonne behemoth.

Here's another contender making its claim to be the world's tallest Christmas tree in Indianapolis

Árvore de Natal da Lagoa 2010 (2) by Leadro's World Tour, on Flickr




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