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The Ideal Plant for Amazing Ground Cover and Vibrantly Colourful Displays

The beautiful geranium is one of the mainstay plants in any garden. Now there’s a new one to consider in the form of the beautifully pink geranium ‘Blushing Turtle’. So what makes this hardy perennial geranium stand out from the rest?

Colourful Geranium Ground Cover
Colourful Geranium Ground Cover

New Geranium ‘Blushing Turtle’

What really makes this geranium catch the eye is the bright pink colour, how easy it is to grow and the fact that it’s pest resistant. It creates a huge amount of blooms and provides perfect ground cover is shady or sunny spots.

The plant typically grows to around 60cm (24 inches) high and 90cm (36 inches) wide and forms a dense low covering display.

Highlights of the ‘Blushing Turtle’ include:

– An easy to grow vibrant geranium

– Bright pink attractive flowers

– Flowers in summer & autumn

– Great for containers & ground cover

– Attracts bees and butterflies

– Slug resistant and good in shade or sun

Each flower is around 3.5cm (1.5 inches) and emits a stunning pink. It’s joyful bright pink flower comes to the fore in June and then begins again in early autumn; carrying on to the early frosts.

Even when the flowers start to fade the foliage begins to turn from brighter green into the traditional colours of autumn with golden hues. It’s a great plant for mixed borders, all manner of containers and essential ground cover.

To get luscious ground cover, and to block out weeds, this plant has to be on your short-list for 2013 and beyond.  It’s very easy to maintain and only needs a little feeding with a standard fertilizer in early spring.

This will encourage an abundance of growth throughout the seasons to come. Split the plant every other year to boost the yield and maintain strong growth.

Plant Origins of this New Geranium

It was originally developed as a drought resistant geranium as a cross-hybrid of Geranium sanguineum and Geranium asphodeloide / Geranium oxonianum ‘Julie Brennan’.

The project set out to create a hardy plant that flowers repeatedly throughout summer & autumn and produces large vibrant pink flowers along with attractive foliage later in the season.

As a fully hardy perennial that’s not choosy about it’s soil, the Geranium ‘Blushing Turtle’ will make a great addition to any garden.

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