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Forestry Stewardship Council At The Garden Furniture Centre …

Forestry Stewardship Council at the Garden Furniture Centre …

Forestry Stewardship Council at The Garden Furniture Centre.

The Forestry Stewardship Council at the Garden Furniture Centre …

We were recently inspected by Olivia Wood from The Forestry Stewardship Council who awarded us an official FSC Accreditation based on the range of FSC furniture we have in our catalogue on line and in our showroom in the Midlands.

It is great to be recognised as a responsible retailer with such a large sway of influence – as of 22nd April 2013 The Forestry Stewardship Council had 2,337 Chain of Custody Certificates and has protected 1,581,691 hectares of forest in the UK alone.

Take a look at some of our FSC Products in the video below …

We’ve stocked a range of FSC Furniture for a number of years now and the Accreditation from the Forestry Stewardship Council gives us the perfect excuse to stock even more going forward and carry on doing our bit to protect ancient forest environments like the one below.

Good reasons to buy FSC Products from The Garden Furniture Centre …

  1. The FSC Accreditation is recognised worldwide and gives you, the customer, the assurance that the wood used in our quality garden furniture comes from trees which have been replaced or aloud to re-grow in their natural habitat.
  2. FSC forests are fully protected ensuring that the livelihood of  indigenous plant and animal life is protected in various countries around the world. The Forestry Stewarship Councils activities also protect the traditions and livelihoods of various indigenous people along with the forests they rely on.
  3. This protection extends to Sacred Sites as well making them and the areas around them exempt from tree-felling. Forest managers must also agree to use local labour, offer comprehensive training and pay realistic wages.
  4. Any wood that is cut gets tracked from forest to shore meaning all links traceable back to the source which clearly identifies FSC wood from other varieties.

Forestry Stewardship Council at The Garden Furniture Centre.

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