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The Beauty of Orchids

An orchid is a thing of beauty and while growing them outdoors depends on the local climate; there are many commercial orchids that will grow indoors on a kitchen shelf beautifully.

Growing Beautiful Orchids
Growing Beautiful Orchids

Exotic Orchids from Around the World

Although you can buy many house-friendly orchids that can last for years; I have one, the exotic varieties are truly astounding. The amazing colour, texture and sheer beauty takes your breath away.

In the wild, orchids grow naturally in warmer climates. They’re often found growing from trees and forest floors and there are between 21,950 and 26,049 currently accepted species. Orchids are largest families of flowering plants.

Why Not Grow Orchids Yourself?

Orchids make great houseplants. You don’t need green fingers – and they’re not expensive. A warm or temperate room is normally all that is required; along with sunshine.

Exotic Orchids from Around the World

Discover some of the most exotic varieties from around the world.

10 Exotic Orchids

Exotic Orchid Gallery

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