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Understanding the Benefits of Bird Feeding

Understanding the Benefits of Bird Feeding...

Bird feeding is one of the most rewarding activities that you can do for your local wildlife and even for yourself. It is a well-known fact that bird feeding is widely popular around the world as it brings nature and beauty into your outdoor space, as well as having educational benefits to identify with our surrounding wildlife! With the modern world everchanging and climate crisis talks becoming more frequent, it is important that we do everything we can to ensure our wildlife and environment is protected and nurtured through a few simple acts. So, this post will talk you through the ins and outs of how bird feeding is one of these key changes that we can do to make a difference!

Why do people enjoy feeding birds?

Just like many things in life, there will be certain people who might think that bird feeding is not as satisfying as others may say. However, it has been recorded in various studies that we as human beings earn great pleasure to look after our wildlife. With that said, the actual process of bird feeding and finding that desirable instinct to help our wildlife is what makes this activity so attractive to many people across the world. What you may not know however is how bird feeding can act as an organic way to control the pests and insects in your garden! This is a great way to keep any harsh chemicals out of your garden and will also attract more birds and wildlife to your outdoor space.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Bird Feeding

Fundamentally, there are many advantages to feeding birds which contribute to the important changes needed to protect and support our wildlife. One of the main benefits is that it provides birds with a vital source of energy, especially during the winter months. With the correct foods and nutrients, this will give your visiting birds an assured certainty that they will be able to have access to foods that they usually might be deprived of!

However, it is not so much just the visiting birds that are benefiting from the food you put out for them, but also their young. During the winter months, this is especially important as it will allow birds and their young to thrive and have a better chance of making it through to the next winter. Typically, the correct food will provide insulation and warmth during the winter, which will increase the possibilities for birds to reproduce and ultimately have a higher survival rate!

Although bird feeding seems to be highly positive, there are a few consequences that can occur if it is not done properly. Primarily, it is important that large or indigestible foods are avoided as this can cause birds to choke or develop long-term health problems. Birds are notorious at eating anything that appears edible, so it is imperative that you make sure the food you are leaving in the bird feeder is not harmful to their digestive system.

Additionally, food that is left out in the bird feeder can begin to rot or even spoil which can attract rodents and other pests if the feeder is not properly maintained. This can cause detrimental effects to the birds who may eat the rotted food as the dangerous bacteria will poison them, ultimately resulting in fatal sicknesses. Consequently, bacteria can spread to other wildlife, and as a result will cause illnesses amongst other species in your surrounding area. To avoid this, it is recommended to make sure food is changed every few days, as well as regularly cleaning the bird feeder to ensure there is no threat to the visiting birds or local wildlife.

What are the best foods to feed birds?

A lot of research has gone into finding which particular foods are the most beneficial for birds in order for them to live a healthy and fulfilled life. However, when deciding which foods will be the most advantageous for birds to thrive, it is important to consider the seasonal effects upon their bodies. For example, during the winter months, it is recommended that you should put out foods which are high in fats as they can store and conserve this for energy to survive the colder temperatures. This can be found in Black Sunflower Seeds, Nyjer Seeds, breadcrumbs, cereal, and rice.

Alternatively, the summer months require birds to conserve more protein due to it being their moulting season. With the sun being more prominent, it is vital that the hygiene of the bird feeder is maintained as the hot temperatures will perish the food quicker than in the winter. Foods such as mealworms, waxworms, sultanas, bananas, grapes, soaked raisins, and currants are a great source of protein for birds and will help them prepare for the winter months ahead!

Where to buy bird feeders?

At the Garden Furniture Centre, we have a wonderful selection of bird feeders that will be an innovative addition to your garden and to feed your local wildlife! Our Think Outside range of bird feeders are a unique creation manufactured from upcycled metal and are designed by artist Aaron Jackson! Not only do they look fun and stylish, but they provide so much support to your surrounding environment. These small steps are fundamental for our wildlife to survive and to become the healthiest they can be!

So why not have a go at bird feeding for yourself! You might be surprised at how beneficial bird feeding can be and how many extraordinary species of birds there are just outside your door! Be sure to tag us or share on our socials with your best bird snaps!


The Reasons Why We Love Recycled Garden Furniture...

The Reasons Why We Love Recycled Garden Furniture...

When we think of recycling, we often assume that it is just putting some plastic bottles into a separate bin in the kitchen, right? Well, there is so much more to recycling than you might think! There are so many advantages to recycling which are beneficial economically and socially within society. As we live in a consumer-driven environment, our vision can become clouded with the issues that are arising around climate change and mass-producing waste. So, you might be wondering where garden furniture comes into this? In this blog post, we will delve into the ins and outs of recycling and why it is important for us to keep our planet protected one milk container at a time!

Why is recycling important?

Recycling is the best way to make a drastic change to our planet and to tackle many environmental issues such as climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. As plastic waste has not been sourced from raw materials, this cuts down the energy far less due to the absence of mining, quarrying, and logging for alternative resources.

What is more, upcycling plastic waste in large quantities allows businesses and factories to save expenses as it is six times cheaper to discard recycled waste than domestic rubbish. The main important reason for recycling is how we can ethically source and create new products to use without the danger of harming ecosystems and wildlife. With that said, recycling plastic waste will conserve natural sources, without the fear of harming or endangering any natural habitats.

What recycled materials are used to manufacture garden furniture?

Fundamentally, the best plastic that is used for constructing garden furniture is synthetic resin due to its light weight and strong structure as well as its economical and low-cost value! This plastic waste can range from anything you would recognise in your household from crisp packets to bottle caps to grocery bags!

Finding ways to produce products from plastic waste is the way forward to tackle the ever-present issue of climate change and cutting down greenhouse gasses. Since we only use plastic packaging only once before throwing it away, this means that the levels of waste are climbing within landfills and as such these do not break down or biodegrade quick enough. The percentage of waste which we produce is 75% recyclable, meaning that it is easy for us to reuse this waste to create something sustainable and practical.

Our Eco Furniture Range..

At the Garden Furniture Centre, we take pride in making a change to save our planet through the manufacturing of our products, especially with our Eco Park Bench and Picnic Table Range. This fantastic selection of picnic tables and park benches are composed of recycled components such as Tupperware, yoghurt pots, disposable cups, milk containers and so much more! Fundamentally, this range is perfect for any large venues, parks, or personal use as they require little maintenance and cannot be vandalised! The main benefit of having these park benches and picnic tables made from recycled plastic is that they will never fade, splinter, or crack and can last up to 50 plus years.

Notably, these park benches and picnic tables come with three different colours, with the added grain detail to achieve a wooden appearance. These are all complete in a brown, grey and green finish to suit any outdoor space! As well as this, these park benches can be engraved, so you can make them even more personal for a loved one or for your business. These picnic tables and park benches are all made from recycled commercial grade plastic waste which is perfect for making that important step to tackle our climate crisis. What is more, this range is perfect for any outdoor use with its rot resistant material and low maintenance allowing you to enjoy having a place to sit all year round! Why not see them for yourself at Mortons in Dickens Heath and Rockfish in Plymouth!

So, there you have it! Why not come and see them for yourself at our showroom at the Yew Tree Craft Centre in Wootton Wawen! Our Eco Range is a perfect example of how we can use excess plastic waste and turn it into something innovative and practical for our planet!

Lighting Up Your Nights With The Garden Furniture Centre...

When you think about spending time in your garden in the colder months, it does not seem tempting without the beaming summer sun, lighter evenings, or warmer nights with your friends and family. So, you might wonder how you can transform your garden to create that same atmosphere with the unpleasant autumn and winter nights creeping around the corner. Well, at GFC we have a fantastic range of products to get your garden ready to be the warmest part of your winter! Whether your space is large, small, or something in-between, there are several ways for you to make the most of your garden all year round. Listed below are some of our favourite products which are certainly going to make it difficult for you to even notice the bitter winter season!

Our Remarkable Galaxy Gazebo Range

It goes without saying that our stunning range of gazebos will be the foundation for many gardens in the winter months. Our diverse selection of sizes and functionality allows our gazebos to take centre stage in any garden setting! For instance, our Galaxy Gazebo range is undoubtedly going to be the hot topic of conversation when you host your evening soirée. The versatility of the Galaxy gazebo is what makes it so likeable to many of our customers, with the option to add any number of our textilene screens, various heaters and illuminating accessories. But how can these features make your garden light up the night? Well, our textilene screens are made from PVC coated woven polyester, which is the perfect background to project any picture for you to watch your favourite TV shows, movies or the all-important football match! What’s more, you will definitely want to add our Heat and Beat Bluetooth speakers to the top frame of the gazebo so you can dance the night away without having to reach for the blanket! And why not accessorise your gazebo with some of our solar string lights to really make your gazebo glow with the night!

You might also be wondering how our gazebos will perform in the cold and wet weather conditions which we are so familiar with during the end of the year. Well, our Galaxy and Star Gazer gazebos are fitted with a unique louvered roof, operated using a winding pole mechanism to effortlessly open and close the shutters for ventilation and to see the stary night sky. This louvered system is a significantly important part for our gazebos, as this allows you to place firepits, heaters, and even barbecues underneath without any concern of a fire risk. Together with this, you can cosy up on your garden furniture and still feel warm and safe without the bitter cold confining you to your living room! Take a look in the next section on how you can include our wonderful range of fire pits and heaters to ensure you are ready to take on the bitter winter weather!

Fire Pits and Heaters

It is safe to say that the thought of an open fire and cosying up under the blanket on the sofa is what most of us do every evening in the colder months. However, this does not have to be spent inside your living room anymore! Our diverse range of fire pits and heaters are a great asset to your garden to make sure you are just as toasty and warm in the fresh night air. Our staple Athena Flame Heater will no doubt turn a few heads with its lustrous swirling flame and impressive aluminium structure. You can place these just about anywhere in your garden and you will surely be fascinated by its elegant and stylish physique! Why not charm your guests with multiple Athena Heaters around your gazebo or patio to really make your garden the gossip of the evening!

If you are looking to have something a little more versatile, then our fantastic rage of firepits will be the best choice! Our Celeste firepit collection will most definitely create the ideal alfresco setting with its superb steel structure and hand-crafted uniqueness. You can also make the most of your firepit with our Plain Jane range where you can warm up your hands and your stomach by cooking some delicious barbeque treats for you and your family! Just like the Celeste collection, our Plain Jane range will undeniably take the spotlight in your outdoor space, even more so once it begins its natural aging process to give it even more originality!

LED Parasols

Now, you might be thinking that having a parasol up at night is a bit of a strange concept. But with our dazzling selection of LED parasols, you will never want to take it down again! Fundamentally, our Saturn, Calypso and Royal LED parasols not only have an air of style, but also have a sophisticated element of functionality. Their 360-degree rotating canopy and sleek levered mechanism to open and close without any aggravation is what makes these parasols so adaptable. But it is essentially the addition of our radiant LED lights placed elegantly along the rib assembly that takes the limelight! With its cantilever mechanism, you can place this just about anywhere, whether it be over your hot tub, your garden furniture or even as a stylish addition to your gazebo! And why not look at our free-standing Verona LED parasol which comes fully equipped with a USB charging point to make sure you never have to leave your cosy outdoor space. Place this parasol by your dining area, gazebo or patio so you will never have to worry about the dark again! The robust and sturdy structure of all of our parasols will ultimately leave you feeling calm and comfortable to make sure you make this winter the best it can be!

So, there you have it! Why not start the planning to make your garden ready to take on those winter blues! If you feel inspired by this post, please share your garden modifications with us on our socials so we can all see your garden light up the night!

Blog Post By Victoria Sparkes






Creating An Outdoor Cinema At Home... | Event Series : Part One

Even though most of the entertainment doors have now opened, as a nation we are coming up with more and more inventive ways of how to stay entertained within the safety of our home.  As a result, we'll be putting together a short series on hosting events at home - from building an outdoor cinema to creating your very own glast-home-bury!

I have recently noticed there seems to be a viral trend of people setting up their own outdoor cinemas. And I have to say, they are quite impressive set ups! So, we thought we would put together a simple guide on how to create your very own outdoor cinema - complete with the essential ticket checking and rustling snacks. Whether it's just for us adults or for the whole family, this activity can be enjoyed by all…


To create your very own outdoor cinema, you will need either a projector or television screen. Although you may think that projectors can be pricey, in fact there are many decent projectors on the market today with a very small price tag; some even starting from £30! Given that you can use the projector time and time again, you can always see this as an investment!

Once you have the projector, you will need a 'screen'. You will also need a speaker if your projector does not come with (non-robotic) one built in. Obviously, all projectors are different so be sure to read the features carefully when choosing your projector, as some can be wireless, others can be HDMI only and whilst some may have speakers included, others may not. For the screen, a simple white sheet attached to two stakes or strung across a hardy clothing line will suffice. Once you have the screen and projector sorted, you will need to ensure the audio, whether built in to the project or not, works effectively too. As stated, this depends on which projector you have chosen.

TIP: Its important to take into consideration the device you stream the film from. If this is a laptop or iPad, you may need to have an extension cable leading out of the house to keep it charged up... Just the little things people tend to forget! 

Hopefully now you will have the technical stuff down so we can move onto the fun part…


Image not our own.


One of the most memorable parts of a trip to the cinema is the hit or miss cinema seats… One visit you can be placed right in front of someone who decides your seat is their personal footrest, the next visit you can find you are the only viewers for miles – well for rows! Having a cinema at home however, you can have guaranteed comfort and the best views. 

Choosing the seating and the comforts that go with the movie is almost as important as the movie itself. Now, the obvious choice would be an outdoor lounger or day bed. Some may already have one, for those who do not, do not fret as we have plenty available! Personally, we think buying an outdoor day bed is completely justified for an event like this!... For those who are looking for something with a dual purpose of perhaps both dining and lounging, we also have a large range of luxury outdoors sofas. Take our Timber Corner Sofa… It is big enough for the whole family to sink into, yet it can also accommodate for your alfresco dining needs…

However, placing an outdoor blanket down with some cushions is completely acceptable too! Foldable or inflatable seating would be a great alternative also. 


Whilst some of us may go just for the movie, others go for the butter drenched popcorn and Tango Ice-blasts. To be a real cinema experience, the incorporation of rustling packets is a necessity. Microwave or hob butter popcorn, M&M’s and Pick’n’Mix, are luckily all available at your local supermarket - Tango Ice blasts not so much. 

However, we also suggest introducing other food items to really elevate the experience. Finger food which requires little or no preparation like miniature pizzas, burgers and French fries would go down a treat! You can even produce a fitting paper menu and give them out to your ‘customers’ – any leftovers can be snacked on later!

TIP: We suggest serving these with cinema style food accessories, like miniature popcorn boxes, napkins, and paper straws to really add to the cinema feel. You can purchase these at various places online.


We have all been there, stumbling down the dimly lit cinema steps trying to locate where the stairs stop and the path to the exit starts…

The addition of ‘aisle’ or overhead lighting is also advisable – they have these in the cinema for a reason! Using fairy or string lights work perfectly, however the use of candles and re-used glass jars is as affective. Our string lights are the perfect lighting for this occasion and may even give you slight ‘festival’ feelings by adding some extra ambience.


Being outdoors during the nights of spring and summer in UK can still be glacial. Therefore blankets, heaters and firepits will be needed. We have a range of heaters and firepits which may just do the job. If you opt for an ambient firepit, a quick check of the wind direction and distance from the ‘screen’ goes without saying.

TIP: We all know we can become a mosquito magnet outside at night, by introducing the use of citronella candles you can save your skin from the invasive pests.


With the addition of fake ‘tickets’, an ‘usher’ and an introduction before the beginning of the film may help transform the evening.

Tip – Use free online templates to create your personalised tickets. Use a holepunch for ticket stamping for a more immersive experience.


If you find the night a success or you are already looking for a permanent outdoor cinema room or area, our gazebos and screenhouses are the perfect canopy. In fact, we even advertise the Galaxy Gazebo as this due to their very practical screens which can be using to project upon! You can find all of our gazebos and screenhouses online. If you would like to see them in person, you can also visit our showroom in Warwickshire.

Now you have got everything sorted, here comes the hardest part… Choosing the movie! We would advise choosing your movie wisely – but if you really have trouble deciding, making the movie night a regular occurrence could help with the issue!...

We hope you have all the success with your outdoor cinema night, or shall I say, nights!

Please feel free to send us any pictures of your outdoor cinema set ups.

Good luck!

Blog post by Lucy Canoel

Understanding Garden Colour Schemes

When approaching a garden design or redesign, colour is one of the best places that you can begin. The colours that we choose for both our home interiors and garden space and the aesthetic we choose to create can speak volumes about our unique personality.

As garden design can be a little overwhelming, looking more closely at the psychology of colour is a fascinating and sensible place to begin. It can also provide great inspiration for different colour combinations and how to use garden furniture and ornaments to complement the overall landscape.

Green, Green Grass

We also need to consider the role of the seasons and Mother Nature alongside the colours that we choose. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, all-year-round option, green is the perfect base colour. As the natural choice for a soothing, balanced space, it brings a sense of vibrancy to our garden thanks to its associations with water and life.

For an evergreen garden, opt for ferns – we love the Japanese lace and wood varieties. You can also play around with different types of evergreen grass to create movement and variety in your green garden colour scheme – Great Woodrush is a lovely, classic option. If you’d like a sprinkling of colour to offset the green tones, stick with relaxing tones such as lavender.

Feeling Blue

For a soothing aesthetic with a little more impact, blue is a great option. Believed to stimulate a calm, reflective and meditative atmosphere, it offers a beautiful extension of the natural world from the colour of the sky. Bluebells, clematis and cornflowers are stunning choices, while forget me nots will add a charming edge. We also love the blue hydrangea which comes in both striking and more subtle shades.

In the Red

At the other end of the colour spectrum, pinks and reds are popular options for those designing a colourful garden. Red is the colour of choice if you want a bold, confident and uplifting garden colour scheme with a hint of fire. Roses, poppies, dahlias, anemones and begonias will make for a very passionate picture. You can also add red flowers in softer and stronger tones, such as red sunflowers, cannas and the ever-beautiful chrysanthemums.

Pinkie Promise

For a softer, more romantic and sensual aesthetic, a pink colour scheme is the way to go. Think hydrangeas, penstemons, nerines and magnolias. We also like the look of coneflowers for a more unique colourful garden design.

Mellow Yellow

For a different perspective on a bright and cheerful space, yellow is a beautiful option. Flowers such as acacia, primrose, marigold and chrysanthemum will bring sunshine for a very joyful and colourful garden.

Choosing your Outdoor Accents

Of course, while choosing your garden colour scheme is important, you also need to consider the type of furniture that will work within your chosen aesthetic. While a lot of it is down to personal preference, we love the marriage between teak outdoor furniture and more “natural” colours such as blue and green. They work together beautifully to create a calming space.

For more vibrant garden colour schemes in red and other bold colours, aluminium garden furniture creates a beautiful contrast between textures and tones. And if you’re going for a softer, more subtle colourway in yellow, pink or similar, we love the look of classic rattan furniture. There’s something about the combination of softer tones and the intricate weave of the rattan that creates a truly outstanding look for your colourful garden.

Feng Shui For Your Garden

Feng Shui for your Garden

Feng Shui is a wonderful starting point to think about your garden design scheme. After all, we all want our outside space to feel relaxing and simply a beautiful place to be with peace, serenity and enjoyment all year round. If you want to know how to design a garden landscape based on this age-old Chinese design philosophy, first you need to familiarise with its key principles.

Design Principles for your Feng Shui Garden

Feng Shui translates to ‘wind and water’ both of which act as the source of all life energy according to traditional Chinese beliefs. Also known simply as chi, you should always consider how to bring this life energy into every aspect of your Feng Shui garden space as you go through the design process.

You also need to attain the right balance of the five elements - Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire – in your garden to really do the job. But where does everything go and what elements should each part of your garden connect with and what can you use to make this happen? You can find out below with our Feng Shui theory map…


Personal and spiritual growth


Your career path and overall life path


Health, family and longevity

South and Southeast

Wealth, money and abundance

West and Southwest

Romance, luck and creativity, energy (especially that of children)

Even if you’re looking at garden design for small spaces, there are simple ways to turn this theory into something tangible and nourishing for all the senses. You simply need to adapt the key principles and tools to create a strong Feng Shui garden design.

Avoid straight, harsh lines and go for curved, gentle pathways to encourage a good chi flow. You can also use this idea of smooth, easy flow within the details of your Feng Shui garden.

Feng Shui Garden Ornaments

Feng Shui garden décor is another important way to utilise the theory and create positive flow and energy. Add water features to those areas where you want to encourage growth and prosperity – that’s money, health and your career path (southeast, east, north). An outdoor fountain will work beautifully. Bring light elements such as a fire pit, fairy lights or lanterns to the Fire areas, wind chimes and sculptures to the north area for the Metal element, and wooden furnishings to the eastern area to honour the Wood element. A zen garden with pleasant rock formations and flowerpots will work beautifully in the north east area to encourage the Earth element and positive energy flow towards personal growth and nurture.

Bringing your Feng Shui Garden to Life

Now that we’ve explained the basics of Feng Shui garden theory, it’s time for the fun part! Bring your garden to life with these beautiful pieces from our collections:

Many people find an animal-themed ornament very soothing for the Metal areas and Ribbet the Frog is a perfect example. Up-cycled by local village workforce in Vietnam, it is both a charming and eco-friendly ornament that provides income to those in need. Puss the Cat is also a popular option.

Colours play a major role in the Feng Shui theory to encourage the right energy. This is why we recommend using warm, rusty tones of red and brown in Fire areas. The Aspen fire pit has a lovely brass effect and sloping lines to encourage good chi. A cast iron fire bowl will also work well where attractive, painted framework adds a subtle, tactile sense of character to any outdoor space.

Wooden elements such as a dining set or swing chair will bring a powerful sense of strength to your space. We love this Oak Swing Seat made using Responsibly Sourced Oak from Managed Forests in Europe. With space for three people to relax, it is a work of rustic brilliance. Original natural features add authenticity and create a deeper connection to the natural world. Furnishings in reclaimed teak will also do the job nicely.

Creating a Soothing Space

We hope that you enjoy creating your Feng Shui garden! Browse our collections today for even more inspiration on how to create that flee flowing chi and reap all the benefits that such a tranquil, energising space will bring.

4 Killer Garden Design Blog Posts from the past year …

As spring approaches it’s that time of year again when many people start looking at their garden design and thinking it may be time for a change.

Whether it’s a major overhaul or just a few little novel additions to add more character - a change is as good as a rest, and all that.

If this describes you then you may also need some inspiration so we’ve rounded up 4 of the top posts on garden design from the past twelve months to give you a few ideas.

All these posts are written by some of the top Garden Design Bloggers out there and have been read and enjoyed by tens of thousands of people and are sure to provide you with a few ideas for your garden space.

  1. Upcycle in your Garden with Alternative Flower Pots!

Novelty Garden Designs with Upcycled Flower Pots Image Source: Architecture Art Design Blog ...

From the hugely popular Architecture, Art, Design Blog this truly inspirational post offers ‘21 of the most Genius and Cheap DIY Garden Pots Ideas.’

And there are some truly original ideas here that cost virtually nothing and will definitely add a new dimension to your outdoor space.

From old ties hanging off coat hangers with plants bedded in the bottom of them to terracotta flower pot men with plants for hair this will post will not only inspire you but thoroughly entertain you as well.

Received 29.9K Social Shares in the past 12 months.

Top Tip for those with an upcycled theme in their garden:

Reclaimed Furniture makes for a great addition to gardens with an Up/Recycled theme.

Wagon Wheel Bench Wagon Wheel Bench ...

  1. 35 Incredible Garden Design Ideas of all Styles.

This post from the Garden Lovers Club is a two page epic and it may be worth grabbing a coffee, (or whatever your favourite tipple is), before sitting down to digest.

With some stunning images and brief description to go with them all the post is also interlinked with other informative posts on Garden Lovers Club meaning you really can get lost in garden design inspiration for a few hours.

Garden Design Ideas from the Garden Lovers Club Image Source: The Garden Lovers Club

Received 27.9K Social Shares in the past 12 months.

  1. 25 Stunning Design Ideas for a Charming Garden Path.

Yep, that’s right, it’s a post about the many and varied designs of garden paths.

Unusual Garden Path Designs Image Source: Fantastic Viewpoints

Don’t laugh, this post from Fantastic View Point it’s all about the attention to detail in garden design and you’ll be surprised at some of the genius ways people turn their pathways into a feature that adds real eye catching appeal.

From the rustic to the downright psychedelic there’s something for everyone in this post with stunning visuals to accompany the write ups.

Received 27.6K Social Shares in the past 12 months.

Top Tip to add further character to a jazzed-up garden path:

Three Blind Mice in the Festive Spirit Three Blind Mice novelty ornaments ...

Why not add a few Novelty Garden Ornaments along the borders to add even more eye-catching appeal?

  1. Wooden Pergola’s and Gazebos Improving Backyard Designs.

From the Lushome Blog this post focuses on the way in which you can totally transform your outdoor space by adding a Pergola or Gazebo.

Pergolas and Gazebos look great in garden designs Image Source: Lushome Blog

With 22 different ideas in total from classic bandstand Style Designs to Scandinavian inspired designs and modern summerhouse styles – you simply have to choose the style that’s right for your own personal garden design vision.

Received 49K Social Shares in the past 12 months.

Top Tip – why not get an all year Gazebo?

The Four Seasons Range of Gazebos are specifically made for enjoy the garden all year round no matter what the weather.

Four Seasons Screen House Gazebo Four Seasons Screen House Gazebo.

Until next time …

All ‘Social Shares’ data is courtesy of Buzzsumo.
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