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BRAND NEW IN 2016 – Pienza Outdoor Range …

Our Luxor Range has been around for a while now and has proved hugely popular in all the retail channels we use from the yearly Trade Shows to our Showroom in the Midlands and, of course, our online catalogue.

The Pienza Outdoor Range is the newest addition to the above range and it’s getting its first outing at The Boat Show starting on 8th January at Excel in London.

Pienza Outdoor Range – stunning Marine Grade Rattan & Synthetic Leather …

Contemporary Pienza modular Corner Unit Contemporary Pienza Modular Corner Unit ...

As with all the furniture manufactured by Domus Ventures the Pienza Outdoor Range uses the highest quality materials to produce highly contemporary, luxurious outdoor furniture with some unique little touches and attention to detail.

We are selling two main pieces; a Modular Corner Unit and a Modular Chaise Unit.

However, as with many of our outdoor corner units the Pienza Outdoor Range is modular in nature meaning you can to the base sets to the suit the style and size of outdoor space you’re catering for.

Pienza – it’s all in the detail …

Attention to detail in the Pienza Outdoor Range

There really are some great little features that make outdoor life as comfortable and pleasurable as possible with the Pienza Range.

Coffee Table:

This is included with both the base sets above and comes complete with a tempered glass top and an inner storage compartment to house drinks, glasses and the like for entertainment purposes.

Handy storage compartment in the Coffee Table Handy storage compartment in the Coffee Table ...

Modular Units:

The luxurious synthetic leather is stitched into the rattan frame itself and has memory foam capabilities for all round comfort and uniformity.

Add to this the fact that some sections have an ice box incorporated into the back section – discreetly covered when not in use by a removable cushion – and you’ve got the perfect place to relax and enjoy one of those long and lazy summer afternoons with friends and family.

And don’t forget the removable sun canopies that finish off the Pienza Outdoor Range perfectly.

Ice box in the Modular Unit ... Ice box in the Modular Unit ...

MarinaPlus and AbacoXF …

Respectively, these are the makers of the synthetic leather fabrics and the outdoor rattan.

Manufactured to the highest standards – meaning we are able to offer a 3 Year Guarantee on the frame and a 2 Year Guarantee on the fabrics.

The specifications at a glance …

  • Very low maintenance and dirt resistant as standard so it keeps that just like new look.

  • Laboratory Testing ensures its suitability for regular use in a wide range of temperatures, specifically from -20⁰C to +60⁰C. Plenty enough to cope with the British climate.

  • UV Stabilisers and Colour-Fast preservatives are added as standard.

  • Suitable for use with all types of water including sea and chlorinated water.

And then you’ve got the lightweight aluminium frames throughout that make the Pienza perfect for your outdoor space in 2016.

An Ecovision for our Showroom …

We’re going green.

Well, to be more specific our Showroom is.

It all started with solar panelling being installed for us and the other units across Yew Tree Farm this allows us to increase our ‘green footprint’ and these panels pass power back to the National Grid as well.

However, we haven’t stopped there with our green initiatives.

Through an aptly named company called Ecovision in actual fact.

What have Ecovision contributed to our personal eco vision?

In short, renewable energy from woodchips.

And, along with a growing list of other clients, we’re hugely impressed with their technology.

The work took 6 months to complete but it’s made a massive difference to our showroom which is lovely and toastie warm especially as we’ve recently had some sliding doors fitted to keep the heat in.

Take the online tour below ...

By using more renewable energy businesses and organisations across the world are in a position to make a lasting impression on the increasingly dangerous carbon footprint.

And, particularly in many parts of the western world, the incentives available means really is no reason not to get involved.

Ecovision themselves provide a comprehensive list of the benefits of renewable here.

And they offer lots of options to cater for a wide range of clients. Their current portfolio ranges from stately homes to schools and residential developments.

ecovision biomass installation

We have installed the Biomass Option, largely because of the rural location and the fact that Yew Tree Farm Shopping Village is still a part working farm meaning biomass is the obvious option for us. The farm is currently using a company called Woodchip but we have a license to start using our own woodland going forward.

However, their renewable energy systems also include options to use ground, air and water source heating systems that take advantage of the abundant natural elements around us as opposed to those that are rapidly running out and that produce harmful waste products into the bargain.

Biomass Unit

Most important of all though – now winter is finally here – us and those people who visit us have never been warmer in our life!

Ecovision – a greener future for all.

Woodchip provides the fuel

Southampton Boat Show - Seaweed Sweets & much more

They’re bigger than a lot of houses!

That’s just one of the thoughts that runs through your head as you marvel at some of the Super-Yachts on display at The Southampton Boat Show.

Or at any boat show really, but Southampton really is the most prestigious and has the open air space of Europe’s largest purpose built marina for exhibitors to bring their most impressive offerings.

Take a look at the video below - you’ll get a feel for what we’re talking about.

Outdoor furniture at The Southampton Boat Show?

What’s that all about, you ask?

Well believe us, it works and we got a lot of attention from the 10,000 visitors who attended.

Largely because the punters also have houses, of course! And our luxury brand of outdoor furniture is also perfect for lounging around on the decking.

In fact our Luxor Range is made from Marine Grade Synthetic Rattan and Leather making it a perfect fit for The Southampton Boat Show.

Luxor Marine Grade Furniture on our Trade Stand in Southampton

This year we had an L-shaped stand and this was built to exacting specifications by Ben, as usual - a bit more basic than the Award Winner we built at The Chelsea Flower Show but, never-the-less, a great platform to be seen on. We even took a video for you from a nearby yacht …

The usual complimentary glass of fizz gave punters the perfect excuse to browse and relax on the furnishings and contributed to a great atmosphere across the whole 10 days.

Gaz goes to Jersey and the cooler’s the deal …

We always take the novelty drinks coolers to every show we do and Gaz the Gorilla insists on taking up residence on various pieces of furniture as he pleases.

However, The Southampton Boat show proved to be his lucky day as one customer took him back to Jersey with him this year, you can see him below looking all pleased with himself on the yacht waiting to depart.

Gaz leaving for Jersey Gaz leaving for Jersey

Our Brucey also got in on the Jersey affair and had great fun watching the Red Arrows who put on a thunderous display for the crowds on the second day.

It was their first display at Southampton and Flt Lt Stew Campbell said,

“We thoroughly enjoyed performing our first ever display at the Southampton Boat Show today and hope we entertained visitors with our aerobatic manoeuvres. Flying over Europe’s largest purpose built marina really brought home the scale and size of the event. We’re sure this won’t be our last appearance.”

They really are impressive and to this day we can’t believe they made a heart shape in the sky with the jet stream from the plane - truly unbelievable.

Red Arrow display at Southampton Boat Show Red Arrow display at Southampton Boat Show

Perhaps the most interesting buy of the show was a from a customer who owns a chain of restaurants in and around Twickenham called The Blues Smokehouse. He bought multiple coolers to wheel out full of drinks and ice for his diners in the Blues Smokehouse.

A very novel way to serve the drinks and we’re sure he’ll be back for more.

And then there was the architect from Hampton Court who is building a rather large floating pontoon on the Thames complete with garden and swimming pool.

He stopped by the stand to have a browse and ended up placing an order for at least one of virtually every single item on our stand to add the final touches to his extravagant project.

Of course, we asked him for a picture of the finished article and he said he’d oblige.   

Trade Shows are a great way to take the brand to market and have fun at the same time and the boat show is no exception.

Other highlights from The Southampton Boat Show …

Seaweed Flavoured Sweets:

No, your eyes didn’t deceive you in the title of this blog there really were Seaweed flavoured Sweets available to try in the Aquarium at the show.

Obviously, the samples were gone in no time at all so we didn’t get a chance to partake but in general those who did try them said that they really did taste like the sea - a very strange thing for sweet to taste like really - not altogether sure we’d fancy it?

You can read more comments from those who tried them here.  

Familiar Faces:

Spectacles like these really do attract the celebrities and Southampton Boat Show was no exception this year.

F1 presenter Suzi Perry opened the Sunseeker Stand along with Britain’s Got Talent winners Collabro.

Sailing powerhouse Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and Olympian, Annie Lush could also be seen wandering around and taking in the atmosphere as well.

Overall, 2015 at The Southampton Boat Show has been hailed as a great success by both the organisers, the exhibitors and all those who attended.
It was great to be a part of such a wonderful spectacle

Meet and Greet with Kerry Katona - 15th August!

A very definite date for your diary this one.

Especially if you’re into your celebrity spotting.

Come to our Meet and Greet with Kerry Katona ...



(full directions below)

Now, let’s face it, it’s not every day you get to mix with celebrities.

But on the 15th August we’re giving you the opportunity as we’re lucky enough to have Kerry Katona visiting our Showroom at Yew Tree Farm Shopping Village in Wootton Wawen just outside Stratford-Upon-Avon.

We’re hoping to have the local press there and Kerry is sure to have a few National Press Photographers in tow as well.

What else can you expect at The Meet and Greet with Kerry Katona?

As if the chance to meet a star isn't enough we'll also be offering Strawberries and Free Fizz ...

Strawberries and Free Fizz on the day Strawberries and Free Fizz on the day ...

Along with fine food. a succulent Hog Roast and refreshments on Yew Tree Farm Shopping Village where our Showroom is based ...

Hog Roast on the day ... Hog Roast on the day ...

Fine food and refreshments at Yew Tree Farm Shopping Village Fine food and refreshments at Yew Tree Farm Shopping Village ...

Your chance to meet Kerry Katona ...

How did we wangle that you ask?

Admittedly, garden furniture isn’t the usual thing you’d expect to gain attention from famous faces - but in actual fact ours seems to be as we’ve supplied to the likes of Ian Poulter, Alan Titchmarsh for Love Your Garden and even Buckingham Palace over the years.

But now we’ve taken things one step further and arranged for Kerry Katona to do a product launch at our Showroom.

Admittedly we have had to offer her a Brand New Silvertex Corner Unit for her and the family to lounge around on in their new home but, hey, needs must and all that!

No, seriously, we are extremely lucky to be able to promote Kerry Katona as an ambassador to our brand and can't wait to meet her on 15th August..

Brand New - Silvertex Corner Unit - officially launched by Kerry Katona Brand New - Silvertex Corner Unit - officially launched by Kerry Katona

If we’re honest we probably can’t take all the credit as this has come about from an initial enquiry through our Twitter Feed …

Now it’s not every day you get that in your feed - imagine our surprise when we then started getting Direct Messages off her asking if we would supply some furniture for a photo shoot she’s got with OK Magazine?

And that’s what led to the idea of an official product launch in our showroom.

A credit in OK Magazine and a VIP visit to the Showroom all in one.

So come along and get Garden Furniture’d with Kerry Katona on Saturday 15th August - we’d love to entertain you.

How to find us …

The Garden Furniture Centre.
Yew Tree Farm Craft Centre.
Wootton Wawen,
West Midlands.
B95 6BY.

Christmas Trees - the nerdy facts to bore guests with ...

Everyone’s familiar with the good old Christmas tree, but did you know that the needles of some trees are edible and offer great source of Vitamin C?


We didn’t either and this got us digging around the net looking for other unusual little facts about them.

As a bit of fun, light reading we’ve got together a few of the more interesting less well-known facts for you below.

The Christmas trees needles contain loads of Vitamin C

Christmas trees – some less well known facts?

1. An average Christmas tree will contain about 30,000 bugs and insects – have you got yours this year?!

2. The first known Christmas tree to be decorated was in Latvia in 1510.

3. Germany holds the first printed reference to the Christmas tree from a document printed in 1531.

4. In large plantations Christmas tree’s clean the air around them by removing dust and pollen from it.

Christmas trees clean the air around them and produce loads of oxygen

5. Just one acre of Christmas trees will provide the equivalent oxygen to satisfy the daily intake of 18 people.

6. In the USA, Christmas trees are grown in all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska.

7. Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States, was the first President to erect a Christmas tree in the White House in 1856.

8. It is though that more than 330,000 real Christmas trees are now sold over the internet through ecommerce channels.

9. The idea of donning them with electric coloured lights was first dreamed up in 1882 by Thomas Edison’s assistant, Edward Johnson.

Christmas tree lights

10. The use of evergreen tree’s to celebrate the winter season was practised before the birth of Christ.

11. Each year there are around 60 million grown in Europe alone.

12. The largest Christmas tree structure, in Brazil 2009, was decorated with 25,200 red hot fairy lights and 3,144 strobe lights – they had a real disco Christmas that year!

13. The first artificial trees were made by the German’s from goose feathers – presumably after a massive Christmas dinner!

14. Spiders and spiders webs are commonly found decorating trees in Polish households in line with tradition.

15. Since 1947 the people of Oslo in Norway have donated a Christmas tree to the city of Westminster as an expression of gratitude for Britain’s help in World War II.

Find out more about the do's and don't's of the Vitamin C thing at Yahoo Answers. Warning you do have to be careful here, it's not just a case of gathering a load of needles up off the carpet and chewing on them!

Click to view our range of Feel-Real Artificial Christmas Trees.


Recycled Designs – a hit with Kevin McCloud’s Green Hero's

Each year at Grand Designs Live Kevin McCloud hand picks his Green Heroes. This is a group of his favourite stand-out recycled designs on offer at the event.

This year at the NEC in Birmingham, (9th – 13th October), we had the pleasure of having a Trade Stand at the event and were very impressed with his selection of Green Heroes.

It is a fact that we have to become more eco-friendly with our buying habits in this modern age.

As a retailer we actively endorse this through our range of, FSC Accredited products and responsibly manufactured outdoor rattan furniture which can all be classified under the umbrella term Eco Furniture.

Green Hero’s Recycled Designs – a selection of three to whet your appetite …

Drum Lamps:

Drum Lamps are a spectacular recycled design Drum Lamps are a spectacular recycled design

These funky and ingenious recycled designs from Willem Heefer, a Dutch Designer based in Helsinki, are lights made from up-cycled washing machine drums.

They make for a real eye-catcher and are available in six powder coated colours. The most appealing them about them for us is the fact that they are hung from three, 1mm thick chords making them seem like they float in mid-air from a slight distance away – groovy!

Rupert Blanchard:

Rupert Blanchard's recycled retro designs Rupert Blanchard's recycled retro designs

Based in Margate, Rupert Blanchard’s recycled designs are largely retro items of furniture made entirely from re-purposed waste materials that he finds on his travels.

Each and every piece is one of a kind and he has a large collection on his website – many of his designs are, as Kevin McCloud says, ‘made to share a story or preserve a moment in time.’  

Aircraft Workshop:

Recycled furniture from decommissioned aircraft Recycled furniture from decommissioned aircraft

This was set up by Harry Dwyer and Charlie Waller on the back of McCloud’s Channel 4 television programme – Kevin’s Supersized Salvage – which was hugely successful and based around upcycling and recycling.

These really are grand recycled designs made from the mass of materials available from decommissioned aircraft.

These pieces are designed and made in London’s historic Docklands next to the Thames.

If this post has got you keen to know more then visit the Grand Designs Live Green Hero’s page where you will find full write ups and links to all contributors.

If you want to know more about recycling and upcycling in general then Garden Recycle is a good blog to visit.

The Band Stand

Lately we’ve took quite the liking to garden bandstands, also known as rotundas. We’ve seen a few cropping up here and there decorated beautifully with climbing plants, they’re a lovely edition to gardens and give you a shaded area to sit and enjoy the weather.

That being said we wanted to look at the history behind these structures, so we’ve spent a bit of time researching it.

During the industrial revolution there was a need for more green open spaces for the public to appreciate and as an attempt to improve the etiquette and manners of the lower class. With this the first band stands were built in the Royal Horticultural Society gardens, south Kensington in 1861. Towards the end of the 19th century, bandstands were seen as a must have.

Many of the band stands throughout the UK made an appearance in the Victorian era. At the same time, the British brass band movement was gaining popularity. They were built in parks and on piers as a focal point for bands that were performing. Band stands were a way of brining crowds together to enjoy music in each others presence.

In the 40’s and 50’s the rise in popularity in the cinema and television meant that that public parks lost their appeal. As time went on, and between 1979 and 2001 bandstands were demolished, vandalised or dilapidated

A Victorian bandstand In Eastleigh Hampshire, Copyright to Marek69 A Victorian bandstand In Eastleigh Hampshire, Copyright to Marek69

In more recent years, a significant amount of money has been funded to restore some of the bandstands across the UK

What influence have they had on our gardens today?

You may notice that gazebos mimic the shape and structure of band stands. Gazebos are an incredibly popular product of choice for garden gatherings, enjoying barbeques and gatherings under them.

As well as this, miniature bandstand constructions have been added to gardens, to provide sheltered and shaded seating areas. Some are used for climbing plants to make their way up and create a beautiful display

These structures have the knack of bringing people together, just like the Victorian Band Stands did, whether to appreciate music or just to sit with family and friends these structures have had a bigger effect on our gardens than you may have originally thought.


image by <a href="" target="_blank"> - silvervoyager</a> A band stand used in a garden,


Pub Furniture for all - Contemporary, Modern or Rustic?

Pub Furniture, when thought about, can really enhance the look and ambience of an establishment both indoors and out.

We regularly supply furniture to commercial establishments, including many public houses of all shapes and sizes.

The broad diversity of furniture we offer puts us in a great position, firstly, to cater for a commercial buyers needs all in one place meaning they don’t have to place multiple orders with different retailers.

And, secondly, it puts us in a good position to offer well-timed and pertinent advice around the details of any purchase to ensure all buying requirements are met and hopefully exceeded.

Calling all Publicans!

Calling all publicans

It’s difficult to classify one piece or style of furniture specifically as ‘pub furniture.’

Picnic Tables, for example, are very popular outside pubs but are equally as common in parks and public spaces.

Many gastro style pubs invest in woven rattan furniture to offer that luxury appeal to their clientele but this is just as common in hotels and coffee shops as well.

But then, that’s part of the appeal with pub style commercial furniture, there are no rules it’s all down to what suits the environment and the type of atmosphere the owners of any one establishment want to portray.

But, for the purposes of this blog, we’ll break things down into three broad categories.

Classic Pub Furniture …

Classic Pub Furniture Classic Pub Furniture

This has to include things like the familiar A-Framed Picnic Table, High Bar Stools arranged around large wooden beer casks and along the bar area itself with awkward, high backed, all-inclusive seating.

Combine this with the vision of a smaller, more compact room, a tiled floor and antique pictures and decoration on the walls and you’ve got the classic old working man’s pub.

However, this is something that is more and more becoming a thing of the past.

The modern – or gastro – style …

This newer style is still finding its feet really and preferences seem to change and evolve all the time as new ideas and arrangements are tried in an attempt to offer that unique look and feel that will attract the punters.

However, the pub furniture in these establishments does tend to have certain things that can be considered common traits.

The designs tend to be highly contemporary and use modern materials like lightweight aluminium frames combined with synthetic fibres and toughened glass tops – this is probably a practical as well as an aesthetic choice.

Recycled Picnic Tables moulded to look like wood are also fast becoming a very popular choice for pubs in the modern age.

And Bistro style furniture is now being reinvented with contemporary, modern takes on classic bistro designs.

The accessories are increasingly all important now as well – particularly where the pub has an outdoor space that can house modern styles of patio heater – the mesmerising Athena Gas Heater is a hugely popular choice with our commercial customers, for instance.

Gazebos and Parasols are also now a more considered choice for outdoor areas to complement and enhance the feel of the pub furniture itself.

The contemporary Four Seasons Gazebo offers shelter all year round for instance and the Turino Wall Parasol compliments smaller roof top bars and eateries.

Modern and Rustic Pub Furniture combined Modern and Rustic Pub Furniture combined

That Re-emerging Rustic Style …

Many people believe that rustic pub furniture is fast becoming a substitute for the classic style talked of earlier.

Again, like anything in the modern world, this comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes – our range of rustic oak benches and picnic sets are great example of this.

This also allows publicans and the like to buy modern furniture that is well-suited to the wealth of older pubs and restaurants that are now re-developed internally for modern commercial purposes meaning that modern, contemporary designs look out of place.

We have also seen a huge rise in the popularity of our Reclaimed Teak Furniture made from ox-carts, railway sleepers and canoes that have come to the end of their useful working life overseas in places like Thailand.

These offer a truly rustic – bordering on antique – style of pub furniture that is not only practical but also a real talking point for the paying public to dwell on whilst enjoying a pint or a sauvignon blanc!

Terminal 1 Changi Airport - Kinetic Rain

On our recent travels to our suppliers in the South east of Asia, we came across the beautiful scenes and surroundings that we regularly see on our visits, however this time there was something more spectacular that caught our eye..

Kinetic rain

Featuring at Changi airport in Singapore, this project was a real eye catcher. Kinetic rain is an incredible work of art designed by Art+Com for Terminal 1. The sculpture consists of two parts that have been installed above the two central escalators in the airport.

The symmetrical parts are each composed of 608 droplets of lightweight copper covered aluminium; each individual drop is connected to a computer controlled motor with an incredibly thin steel wire, which are then moved independently by said motor creating sequences of abstract and elaborate moving shapes

The entire piece of art takes part in a powerful fifteen minute choreography session. Because of the central location of ‘Kinetic Rain’ the sculpture can be seen from all different angles, whether above, below or from the side, the visual experience of the viewer is completely different depending on the perspective.

According to Art+Com, the sculpture "aims to be a source of identity for its location, and provides a moment for passengers to contemplate and reflect".

Take a look at this video

Stunning! What do you think?

A Short History of The English Garden

Pick a period to learn more! 

Medieval & Monastic           Tudor                 Victorian              Modern 

Children Gardening Children Gardening

A History of English Gardens

The English garden has long been quintessential to our culture. Simply take a stroll down any road and you’re sure to see the classic English garden

With that being said, it surprising that the history of the English Garden is not as well-known as it perhaps should be. It’s a truly interesting history that we’d like to share with you all.

The earliest examples of gardens were made by the Romans after the Claudian invasion in 43CE. The Romans built extraordinary palaces accompanied by Palace ‘gardens. The gardens had great influence from the East Mediterranean and West Asia, combining hedges, walls and fences with orchards, frescos and colonnaded verandas.

A great example of the Romano-British garden is Fishbourne Roman Place in Sussex, where an early garden has been party reconstructed.

It’s not until the middle ages that the English Gardens reappeared, there is little known about the garden of Anglo Saxon England, it’s been suggested that this is because they didn’t have the passion for gardening that the Romans had.


Medieval & Monastic Gardens

Monasteries took advantage of the ‘garden;’ and often had both kitchen and herb gardens to provide both food and medicine. Early Monastic established followed ground plans that derived from the Roman villas. This involved colonnaded courtyards and cloister gardens.

Cloister gardens were enclosed with a fountain or statue at the centre. Better described on Wikipedia it reads ‘cloister (from Latin claustrum, "enclosure") is an open space surrounded by covered walks or open galleries, with open arcades on the inner side, running along the walls of buildings and forming a quadrangleor garth.’

Medieval castles occasionally made room for courtyard gardens. These usually consisted of raised flower beds with paths running through them. Seats were improvised and made from turf. Gardens were often enclosed with wattle fences and quickthorn hedges.

Where Can I See Gardens With Medieval Features?

Not many gardens have been preserved from this period but there are individual features that have stood the test of time, many of them can be found in The National Trust Gardens

Medieval garden-st agnes A Medieval inspired garden in saint Agnes, France.

Tudor Gardens

Tudor gardens were a lot more proportional than those of the Medieval period, they had a lot of influence from Italy. Gardens mirrored the alignment of the houses keeping everything rather uniform and in line. Once more, sundials and statues made an appearance, having been left out since the Roman Gardens.

Quick Fact: Henry VIII had a particular liking for sundials.

The most prominent contribution from the Tudor was of course the Knot Garden.

Knot gardens consisted of geometric or square patterns of hedges filled with flowers, hedges and herbs. They were designed to be viewed from a higher level such as a raised walk to allow you to view the whole pattern.

Gardening under King Henry VII became a Kingly pass time once King Henry VIII was crowned king in 1491. Henry claimed that any sign of ostentation was a threat to the crown.

Thomas Wolsey’s Hampton Court was soon to be one of Henrys favourite places. In 1529 the king began the renovation of the court which carried on for 10 years. Hampton court is well known for its beautiful gardens and is now a very popular destination for tourists to view the fabulous build and gardens.

Raised beds, mazes, turf seats and fountains were some of the wonderful designs that featured in the Tudor gardens along with many designs inherited from the Medieval gardens.

Fortunately this is another of the gardens and buildings you can visit

During the 16th and 17th century there was an influx of exotic and rare plants along with some of our favourites today; snowdrops lavender and marigolds.


Hampton court gardens- Gardenfurniturecentre One of Hampton Courts Sunken Gardens

Knot garden An example of a Knot Garden


Victorian Gardens

The age of the industrial revolution also bought with it the boom in gardening. The interest in gardening exploded and for the first time authorities felt the need to provide extensive public gardens. It was hoped that these gardens would improve the etiquette and manners of the lower classes.


Gardens features massed beds of flowers, intricate designs and beautiful bright colour from plants from all corners of the world. Rockeries made a firm appearance as expeditions to mountains increased.

The true cornerstone of the Victorian gardens was order and neatness, with a pristinely kept lawn.

Italian influences also made a return along with Parterres, which looked incredibly similar to the popular Knot gardens of the Tudor times.

Some of the most influential gardeners at this time were J.C Loudon and Joseph Paxton. Later into the 19th century, writer William Robinson had a big influence on gardening and his preference for ‘wild gardens’ was reflected in many gardens.

Here are some of the most beautiful Victorian gardens that you can visit today along with some more information on the gardens of this Era

Harewood House © Copyright R J McNaughton This formal Victorian terrace garden was laid out by Sir Charles Barry in the 1840s for the then Countess of Harewood.

Victorian Garden © Copyright Liz 'n' Jim



Modern Gardens

Gertrude Jekyll is the woman we can thank for the wonderful herbaceous border and colour schemed gardens. Arguably, she is the most influential gardener of 20th century England. Her ideas built on the traditional Cottage gardens, which were popular in the 1890’s and featured a mixture of ornamental and edible plants along with dense plantings, fruit trees, trellises and walls.

If you would like to experience her work it still stands at Marsh Court and Hestercombe

Everyone has their own take on gardening and it all comes down to personal taste in the 21st Century. There is a huge array of influences in English gardens today and no matter whether large and small, private or public, exotic or traditional they illustrate the passion the British have for creating beautiful spaces of their own. All are unique and all have their own individual personalities with a story to tell.

Modern Garden Modern garden with herbaceous flower bed

Modern garden still influence by Victorian style Photo by: Rept0n1x Modern garden still influence by Victorian style
Photo by: Rept0n1x




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