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The Patio Heater that helps you Party …

The Athena Plus LED Patio Heater is finally here – and it’s awesome.

The Athena Plus, with its instantly recognisable, and highly contemporary, design with mesmerising, gas-fired flame can now be seen in many commercial and domestic settings across the UK.

And it’s now available with flashing LED panels round the base to get your outdoor party atmosphere started with a bang …

A Patio Heater with Disco Lights – How novel is that?

Take a look at the video below to see it in action now.

Our manufacturers have gone to town on this one giving you a host of remote control options.

The panels flash in 4 different ways:-

  1. STROBE.

  2. FADE.

  3. SMOOTH.

  4. FLASH.

And there’s up to 12 variations of LED colours based on 4 base colours – white, blue, green and red.

The Patio Heater that helps you Party

Allowing you to create the perfect ambience to fit the mood and requirements of the occasion every single time.

A Disco Heater made to the same quality specifications as the original Patio Heater …

All the specifications of the original Athena remain the same the only change is that the flashing panels are now made from misted plastic to facilitate the various LED colours and effects.

To refresh your memory the spec. includes:-

  • Anti-tilt: safety cut off mechanism.

  • Valve: low output to high output with pilot.

  • Battery Ignition Middle Board: stainless steel.

  • Control Box: black powder coated.

  • Base Board: stainless steel.

  • Support Post: aluminium.

  • Upper Board: stainless steel.

  • U Vision Board: Toughened Plastic.

  • Wire Heat Guard: chrome plated.

  • Wheels: for ease of movement.

  • Fuel: Propane or LPG Gas.

  • AA Batteries Needed: These are not provided.

Need we say anymore?


Video - Athena Gas Patio Heater for Year Round Warmth

Whatever the time of year you can benefit from the warmth of a high quality patio heater. There's also the advantage that if you buy out of season you can often bag yourself a bargain and have your pick of the stock.

Athena Gas Patio Heater - Warmth and Good Looks

The Athena pumps out some serious heat but best of all is simply looks great so you can impress your friends and family. Click on the video below now...

This stainless steel patio heater will run on either LPG gas or propane gas. It's easy to operate with simple push button battery powered ignition.

Athena Patio Heater highlights:

Beautiful stainless steel tower design stands at 2.24M
Safety mechanism and wide base avoids tipping
High 9.3Kw output keeps you really warm
Variable flame for efficient 360 degree heat
Easy to operate and cheap running costs
Quality construction will last for years

The stainless steel construction means it can withstand the elements and an outdoor weather cover is also available for ultimate protection when not in use.

Great for party-goers, special occasions and astronomers when studying the sky at night.

For more information see more on the Athena gas patio heater - Get more information here now >>

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Top 3 Patio Heaters for Keeping You Warm Outdoors

As the autumn takes hold and the evenings get colder, now is the time to plan ahead and keep yourself and visitors warm outdoors. Good quality patio heaters, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces can provide the extra warmth you might need for your outdoor space.

Quality Patio Heaters & Outdoor Fireplaces

With popular events like Halloween and Bonfire night not too far away, a good quality outdoor heater can make all the difference.

Here are our top 3 patio heaters and outdoor fireplaces for you to consider before the fun starts -

Popular Santorini Gas Patio Heater

Popular Santorini Outdoor Heater

This Lifestyle gas patio heater pumps out up to a massive 10KW of heat making it a great addition to your outdoor living space. It will give you warmth and style at an affordable cost. The Pyrex glass creates an amazing 360 degree visual effect while the central flame delivers the heat all round. This heater is retractable for easy space saving storage when not in use. Easy entertainment all year round.


The Stylish Athena Patio Heater

Stylish Athena Gas Patio Heater

The tall tower of the Athena Stainless Steel Flame Gas Patio Heater provides the ultimate in outdoor heating and entertainment. It's visually stunning with the glowing centrepiece and amazing flame within the inner glass tube. It delivers a very impressive 9.3KW maximum output of heat and is able to warm almost any outdoor gathering.

Autumn Steel Fireplace

Autumn Outdoor Fireplace

This handy steel fireplace can provide you with the comfort of an outdoor fireplace all year round; in autumn through to winter and beyond. With its robust build quality and easy access it will produce heat from all sides. The high quality materials include a porcelain enamel bowl and lid, chromed cooking grill & basket, as well as wooden handle and casters for ease of movement. Currently there's a free weather cover included with the heater for all year round protection.

For a full range of gas & electric patio heaters - outdoor fireplaces and chimeneas visit now.

Patio Heaters for Warmer Alfresco Dining

During the cooler months of the year, Spring and Autumn in particular, some form of outdoor heating is the only real way to enjoy your alfresco dining with friends and family. A really fast and easy way to get things warmed up is with a stylish patio heater and the choices are wide-ranging so you're bound to find one that fits the bill.

Stylish Gas Patio Heater

Patio Heater Designs

The quality of patio heaters, as with any outdoor furniture, reflects to a large extent in the price you're prepared to invest. A more robust patio heater will last much longer, generate more heat, and is usually easier to use. The heaters generally tend to fall into the following separate categories of gas patio heaters, electric patio heaters, outdoor fireplaces and cheaper patio heaters. The patio heaters can be floor standing, attached to a table or a larger parasol.

Gas Patio heaters

As the name suggests gas patio heaters work via a bottled gas supply. One of the advantages of using gas is that the cost per hour of use is generally very favourable when compared to an electric patio heater. The downside to a gas patio heater can be that it's liable to run out of gas - leaving your barbecue food only half cooked. Plus your guests will be mightily unimpressed after you've promised them a great evening of alfresco dining.

The taller free-standing patio heaters are a great choice as they often come in smart aluminium metal designs and look great on your patio. The gas bottle is usually incorporated within the base and so keeps everything sleek, stylish and safe. The gas patio heaters are a little more fiddly to operate, especially when changing the gas bottle, but are still nonetheless a sound choice when warmth is needed quickly when you're outdoors in your garden.

Electric Patio Heaters

The alternative to high quality gas heaters comes in the form of electric patio heaters. The main benefit of an electric outdoor heater is the fact that it can be switch off and on at any time you choose - that's a big tick in the convenience department.  An electric patio heater is the garden lovers choice when ease of use is a must - just plug it in and switch it on.

Convenient Electric Patio Heaters

Electric heaters can come in some very stylish designs and floor standing heaters can make a real design statement. There are other choices of electric patio heaters that include those that can be wall mounted,  attached to a parasol and those that are tall free-standing types. Power outputs vary according to price and typically range from 1.3 kW - 3kW. Go for a larger 3kW patio heater if you need a wider area of coverage.

Outdoor Fireplace Heaters

There are some great choices of outdoor fireplace patio heaters and these can include everything from smaller steel heaters to chimeneas and the common Weber design heaters. Some of the fireplace heaters also double up as barbecues but are usually smaller in size and won't be effective as a larger specifically designed patio heater.

Steel chimeneas are generally of similar design but have proved very popular in gardens of all shapes and sizes. The Chimenea generally needs some small assembly, it is delivered in 3 separate parts; the main body, the funnel and the lid. There is also a grate on the front to hold the logs inside the stop the wood from spitting out onto the patio or garden area.

Cheaper Patio heaters

If you're on a tight budget then there are still some good choices on offer for reliable patio heaters. A cheap patio heater will be limited in its ability to provide high amounts if heat over a larger area, but can still provide an element of warmth.  The cheaper style of patio heater, that still retains some good design features, can cost anything around £70 mark upwards. This still provides good value for money.

Cheap Patio Heaters

Adding that extra warmth means more time with friends and family while you're taking in and admiring your horticultural efforts. Prepare the food, switch on the patio heater, and relax while eating your favourite barbecue food and glass of wine or beer. Whatever style of patio heaters you prefer there's no better way to enjoy your garden.

New - The Heatwave Tower Heater

The Heatwave Electric Tower Heater boasts 3kW out put [2 x 1.5 kW bulbs] built in spot light & 4 heat settings making it an ideal electric patio heater. The top section of the tower rotates to provide directional heat. The Heatwave tower is fitted to a weighted base for extra stability & has the option to be bolted directly to a floor or decking.

[gallery link="file"]

The Heatwave Tower Heater has a built in safety cut-out feature in case the tower is knocked over. With its 5m power lead & stylish metallic antique silver finish the HeatwaveTower provides first-class portable heat making it an ideal choice among the many electric patio heaters available. It is a robust patio heater and is suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

Gas Patio Heaters

Athena Patio Heater

Staying Warm

Making the most of being outdoors when the weather presents the opportunity to do so is perfect if you can find a way of keeping warm.  Nowadays the most simple and efficient way to heat any outdoor area is through the use of a patio heater, and with LPG gas patio heaters today being eco friendly they offer the perfect solution.

Whether you are indulging in a summer garden party or entertaining a little later in the year, a gas patio heater offers the ideal way to warm the patio area quickly and efficiently if you have guests or family enjoying the outdoor area.  With more elegant design of patio heaters becoming available, they make a great focal point to the patio area in addition to offering warmth.
Scirrocco Table Top HeaterMore and more pubs and restaurants offer an external area to eat if the weather is good, and a commercial patio heater is ideal in these environments offering fast efficient heat to a good radius. Most are portable, and in being so can be moved to where they are needed ensuring the areas that need warmth get it. For example, the Alfresco Commercial Black patio heater offers 14kW of power and can cover an area up to 25m square.  With a safety tilt cut off device, and wheels this is the ideal patio heater for almost any requirement.

Table top heaters are becoming more popular in general thanks to their portability and close proximity for heat.  The Scirocco gas patio heater (pictured above) offers a perfect economical solution if you are looking for a heater perfect for a patio table.

Patio Heater - Athena

Gas Patio Heaters

With no trailing cables or a requirement to be permanently affixed, gas patio heaters are ideal for use in a variety of applications.  Whether that is on a patio or in a more commercial environment, a gas patio heater will offer many hours of warmth and heat.

With a variety of finishes available, the Stainless steel option is ideal for outdoors as they can be left in the garden without fear of corrosion.  If you are looking at powder coated patio heaters, you will need to consider how to store them, and will need a full length cover to keep the worst of the weather off them.

Patio Heater - Edelweiss With the flexibility of being portable, a patio heater will provide heat where it is required and thanks to the patio heaters gas, it will generate warmth for a reasonable cost.  Many, such as the Evolution Professional Black Patio Heater offer multiple heat settings to adjust the heat to suit.

If you are looking to purchase a patio heater there are a couple of features worth considering.  A tilt safety shut-off device ensures that should someone attempt to move the heater whilst still lit the device cuts the gas supply to the burner.  It is also worth finding out if any heater you are considering has a flame failure device.  If these features are missing from the heaters on your shortlist, look at alternatives which do have them listed.

Anytime is a great time to consider a patio heater, as long as the weather is dry you can make use of your outdoor area, and with the portability of a gas patio heater you can remain warm and enjoy alfresco entertaining or relaxation all year round.


New Garden Furniture Sale Section

Whats is it?

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