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Lighting Up Your Nights With The Garden Furniture Centre...

When you think about spending time in your garden in the colder months, it does not seem tempting without the beaming summer sun, lighter evenings, or warmer nights with your friends and family. So, you might wonder how you can transform your garden to create that same atmosphere with the unpleasant autumn and winter nights creeping around the corner. Well, at GFC we have a fantastic range of products to get your garden ready to be the warmest part of your winter! Whether your space is large, small, or something in-between, there are several ways for you to make the most of your garden all year round. Listed below are some of our favourite products which are certainly going to make it difficult for you to even notice the bitter winter season!

Our Remarkable Galaxy Gazebo Range

It goes without saying that our stunning range of gazebos will be the foundation for many gardens in the winter months. Our diverse selection of sizes and functionality allows our gazebos to take centre stage in any garden setting! For instance, our Galaxy Gazebo range is undoubtedly going to be the hot topic of conversation when you host your evening soirée. The versatility of the Galaxy gazebo is what makes it so likeable to many of our customers, with the option to add any number of our textilene screens, various heaters and illuminating accessories. But how can these features make your garden light up the night? Well, our textilene screens are made from PVC coated woven polyester, which is the perfect background to project any picture for you to watch your favourite TV shows, movies or the all-important football match! What’s more, you will definitely want to add our Heat and Beat Bluetooth speakers to the top frame of the gazebo so you can dance the night away without having to reach for the blanket! And why not accessorise your gazebo with some of our solar string lights to really make your gazebo glow with the night!

You might also be wondering how our gazebos will perform in the cold and wet weather conditions which we are so familiar with during the end of the year. Well, our Galaxy and Star Gazer gazebos are fitted with a unique louvered roof, operated using a winding pole mechanism to effortlessly open and close the shutters for ventilation and to see the stary night sky. This louvered system is a significantly important part for our gazebos, as this allows you to place firepits, heaters, and even barbecues underneath without any concern of a fire risk. Together with this, you can cosy up on your garden furniture and still feel warm and safe without the bitter cold confining you to your living room! Take a look in the next section on how you can include our wonderful range of fire pits and heaters to ensure you are ready to take on the bitter winter weather!

Fire Pits and Heaters

It is safe to say that the thought of an open fire and cosying up under the blanket on the sofa is what most of us do every evening in the colder months. However, this does not have to be spent inside your living room anymore! Our diverse range of fire pits and heaters are a great asset to your garden to make sure you are just as toasty and warm in the fresh night air. Our staple Athena Flame Heater will no doubt turn a few heads with its lustrous swirling flame and impressive aluminium structure. You can place these just about anywhere in your garden and you will surely be fascinated by its elegant and stylish physique! Why not charm your guests with multiple Athena Heaters around your gazebo or patio to really make your garden the gossip of the evening!

If you are looking to have something a little more versatile, then our fantastic rage of firepits will be the best choice! Our Celeste firepit collection will most definitely create the ideal alfresco setting with its superb steel structure and hand-crafted uniqueness. You can also make the most of your firepit with our Plain Jane range where you can warm up your hands and your stomach by cooking some delicious barbeque treats for you and your family! Just like the Celeste collection, our Plain Jane range will undeniably take the spotlight in your outdoor space, even more so once it begins its natural aging process to give it even more originality!

LED Parasols

Now, you might be thinking that having a parasol up at night is a bit of a strange concept. But with our dazzling selection of LED parasols, you will never want to take it down again! Fundamentally, our Saturn, Calypso and Royal LED parasols not only have an air of style, but also have a sophisticated element of functionality. Their 360-degree rotating canopy and sleek levered mechanism to open and close without any aggravation is what makes these parasols so adaptable. But it is essentially the addition of our radiant LED lights placed elegantly along the rib assembly that takes the limelight! With its cantilever mechanism, you can place this just about anywhere, whether it be over your hot tub, your garden furniture or even as a stylish addition to your gazebo! And why not look at our free-standing Verona LED parasol which comes fully equipped with a USB charging point to make sure you never have to leave your cosy outdoor space. Place this parasol by your dining area, gazebo or patio so you will never have to worry about the dark again! The robust and sturdy structure of all of our parasols will ultimately leave you feeling calm and comfortable to make sure you make this winter the best it can be!

So, there you have it! Why not start the planning to make your garden ready to take on those winter blues! If you feel inspired by this post, please share your garden modifications with us on our socials so we can all see your garden light up the night!

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Buy Light up Furniture for a longer lasting appeal …

In today’s commercial world you have to stand out and be counted.

In every walk of consumer life nowadays people seem to enjoy feeling like they are part of something different or slightly unique.

This is particularly true of the ‘hot spots’ in which people eat, drink and generally socialise with friends and family.

So, for the owners of these social ‘hot spots’ the challenge is just exactly how do they make themselves stand out from the crowd? How do they make their nightclub, restaurant, bar, etc a unique place that the public want to return to?

Obviously, atmosphere and quality of product are the main key factors here – a nightclub with no atmosphere is a nightclub that will fail and a restaurant with bad food is, ultimately, a restaurant with no diners.

But, what many businesses tend to forget is the attention to detail – the finishing touches that linger with the punters long after the, ‘night out itself,’ is over.

And this attention to detail very often comes down to the décor and ambience of a place.

Light up Furniture helping you stand out from the crowd …

Light up furniture is a great way to add that finishing touch to your ‘social hotspot’ and make a lasting impression with your customers.


  1. It’s a relatively new phenomenon and certainly not something you see everywhere.

  2. It catches the eye and adds a very novel touch that people remember.

  3. It allows you to add that ‘fun’ aspect to the proceedings.

  4. It brings any setting it’s placed in to life and creates a talking point adding to the atmosphere in general.

  5. It doesn’t have to take over and be overpowering – we’ve even been in pubs where the wash basins in the toilets are part of the light up furniture on display and we’ve never been to the toilet more on a night out before!!

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Other unique Furniture Ideas to help you stand out …

Admittedly, light up furniture may well not be to everyone’s taste.

But it is most definitely true that novelty furniture in general does offer that perfect finishing touch and is something that should be seriously considered in depth if you want to create a space with that lasting appeal.

Below you can find some other ranges you may want to look at for inspiration …

Novelty Drinks Coolers:

These are genuinely hand finished from upcycled shipping drums and other scrap metals and come in a huge variety of designs from Volkswagon Camper Van Coolers to Lighthouses!

See the full range here.

Indian Upcycled Furniture:

A truly original range that offers bespoke and functional designs which are literally out of this world! Here you will find all manner of treasures from Tuk Tuk Bars to Indian Tractor Tables!

See the full range here.

Big Core Rattan:

Rattan Furniture may be considered as quite common place in both commercial and domestic settings now meaning it’s difficult to find something different.

However, our Big Core Fiji Rattan Weave is totally unique to us and is guaranteed to become a talking point – seeing really is believing here.

We do hope this post was helpful and of some inspiration to you and if you do nothing else after reading it we strongly recommend you at least check out our stunning range of LED Furniture today.  
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