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BRAND NEW – Take a virtual tour of The Garden Furniture Centre Showroom online TODAY.

The Garden Furniture Centre have had Google in to do an Online Tour of their Showroom in Warwickshire.

And the results are pretty impressive to start from the beginning click below ...

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Or you can go direct to whatever section of our showroom you want to with the The Garden Furniture Centre Online Tour as well …

Go direct to the Reclaimed Teak Furniture in The Garden Furniture Centre Showroom here …

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Or you may want to look at Rattan Conservatory Furniture here …

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Our range of Outdoor Rattan Furniture’s pretty impressive as well – take a look here …

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And don’t forget to look at the Aluminium Garden Furniture …

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Don’t forget the Garden Ornaments though …

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The Garden Furniture Centre – bringing our Showroom to you at the click of a button.

Recycled Metal Garden Ornaments Designed in Australia and Hand-Made in Vietnam.

Recycled Metal Garden Ornaments Designed in Australia and Hand-Made in Vietnam.

Recycled Metal Garden Ornaments Designed in Australia and Hand-Made in Vietnam.

The designs for these unique recycled metal garden ornaments come from an Australian jewellery maker and artist called Aaron Jackson. The original inspiration for the design came to him when hunting for diamonds in Africa.

Make a video of your own at Animoto.


"Sustainability is central to the design and production."

The drawings for the design are taken from Australia to the village workshops in Vietnam where they are built using recycled 44-gallon shipping drums …

Recycled Metal Garden Ornaments  from The Garden Furniture Centre

Unique and Practical with a cracking personality …

All of our recycled metal garden ornaments are individually cut by hand from a variety of different coloured 44-gallon drums. This leads to an end product that is slightly different every time.

As well as looking good, many of these metal garden ornaments have a practical purpose as well.


The Garden Furniture Centre. Bruce The Bull Cooler Recycled Metal Garden Ornament
The Garden Furniture Centre. Bruce The Bull Cooler Recycled Metal Garden Ornament



This guy comes in three sizes – small, medium or large. The drinks compartment is insulated to keep your drinks extra cold and he comes with a bottle opener attached to him as well.

To keep him steady when he’s had a few he’s got holes in his feet so he can be fixed to the floor and do his job without spilling a drop.

The Garden Furniture Centre Recycled Metal Garden Ornaments Clarence The Cow Planter



Clarence loves flowers ...

Her planting compartment has a drainage-hole fitted with a plug when not needed and she’s got wheels on her back hoofs to make the old girl easy to move when she’s in full bloom.

Recycled Metal Garden Ornaments – promoting skills that will last for generations …


Recycled Metal Garden Ornaments – promoting skills that will last for generations …

The main reason the workshops are based in Vietnam is to allow local people in an under-developed region to learn new skills that will give them, and successive generations after them, a source of income for the rest of their life.

Metal Garden Ornaments that will outlive their makers …

Recycled Garden Ornaments from The Garden Furniture Centre Three Blind Mice


The 44-gallon shipping drums that are used to make this endearing range of ornaments were originally used in long-haul shipping runs in ferocious ocean storms as part of the process that turns them into these metal sculptures they are further coated with enamel for added protection against the elements in your back garden.


Recycled Metal Garden Ornaments from The Garden Furniture Centre




Free Ticket Giveaway - Chelsea Flower Show 2013 - The Garden Furniture Centre.


The Garden Furniture Centre Free Ticket Giveaway for the Chelsea Flower Show 2013The Garden Furniture Centre Free Ticket Giveaway for the Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Here’s a reminder of last years stand at The Chelsea Flower Show from The Garden Furniture Centre …


The Garden Furniture Centre at The Chelsea Flower show 2012.

And this year we’re pulling out all the stops with our displays at the RHS Flower Shows … we’ve already won an ‘Outstanding Presentation Award’ at Cardiff …

The Garden Furniture Centre at RHS Cardiff Flower ShowThe Garden Furniture Centre 'Outstanding Presentation Award' RHS Cardiff Show 2013.

Entering our FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY is simple … just go to our Facebook page, (click on the image below), and LIKE our post 'Free Tickets for Chelsea Flower Show 2013,' and you’ll be automatically entered into the prize draw …

Like The Garden Furniture Centres FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY Post on Facebook to win two tickets to The Chelsea Flower Show 2013Click on the image and like the post pictured on our Facebook Page to be entered in to the competition to win two FREE TICKETS to RHS Chelsea Flower Sow 2013.

Winners to be announced one week before the show and the two lucky people will be sent their tickets by registered post.

And while you're enjoying The Chelsea Flower Show for FREE be sure to check out the Garden Furniture on display at The Garden Furniture Stand ...


Garden Furniture from The Garden Furniture Centre ...


Win a Bench Competition from The Garden Furniture Centre at The Chelsea Flower Show 2013Win a Bench Competition from The Garden Furniture Centre at The Chelsea Flower Show 2013.


The Garden Furniture Centre - Winning Awards at The RHS Cardiff Flower Show 2013 ...

The Garden Furniture Centres Trade Stand wins an 'Outstanding Presentation Award' at The RHS Cardiff  Flower Show, 2013 ...


The Garden Furniture Centre at RHS Cardiff Flower Show

Outstanding Presentation Award.

2013 is the first year we have exhibited at The RHS Cardiff Flower show and we put on one of our best performances yet winning an 'Outstanding Presentation Award' from The Royal Horticultural Society.

We'd like to say a big thank you to Eden Landscapes in Cardiff and Millboard Decking in Coventry for their help in setting up the stand.

The weather was lovely meaning we had plenty of visitors looking at the various pieces of Garden Furniture we had on display including Rattan Furniture, Reclaimed Teak Furniture, Bamboo Gazebo's and Garden Gorilla's!

Outdoor Garden Furniture Through The Bamboo Curtain ...

The Garden Furniture Centre at The RHS Cardiff Flower Show, 2013.

Bamboo Planters surrounded the Tradestand at RHS Cardiff Flower Show ...

The bamboo planters were a real eye-catcher, particularly with The Garden Furniture Centre logo laser-engraved on the side of them. Loads of people commented on them particularly the relevance to the outdoor rattan furniture that we had on display. Many people probably saw us as a welcome chance to take the weight off their feet for a few minutes as well!

We had some unusual visitors as well ...

Talking Flower Pots at The Garden Furniture Centre Trade Stand - RHS Cardiff Flower Show

Talking Flower Pots at The Garden Furniture Centre Trade Stand - RHS Cardiff Flower Show.

Unusual visitors to The Garden Furniture Centre Trade Stand.

Unusual visitors to The Garden Furniture Centre Trade Stand.

Some of the costumes on display this year at The RHS Cardiff Flower Show were really inventive and added to the show atmosphere. We were really glad we had the Gorilla on watch otherwise the talking flower pots may have caused mayhem on the Trade Stand ...

And finally, who'll win our competition?

Garden Bench Competition from The Garden Furniture CentreGarden Bench Competition from The Garden Furniture Centre.

Plenty of people entered our competition to win this fabulous garden bench laser-engraved with 'RHS Flower Show Cardiff 2013.' Watch this space because we'll be announcing the lucky winner shortly.

Buy Reclaimed Teak Furniture from the Garden Furniture Centre.

"Among timber, teak holds the place which the diamond maintains with precious stones and gold among metals."

- Lord Monteray, 1892

Reclaimed Teak Furniture from The Garden Furniture CentreWagon Wheel Bench from The Garden Furniture Centre.

There is no doubt that, for years now, Teak Wood has been recognised as being far superior in furniture-making as opposed to other types of wood.

The Garden Furniture Centre – Specialists in New Teak and Reclaimed Teak Furniture …

We have over 10 years experience in the supply of high quality, Grade A, Teak Garden Furniture sourced largely from Indonesia – the home of teak.

Grade A teak wood is superior because …

  • Its high natural oil content makes it weather-resistant meaning it can stand outside for years without succumbing to rot, water and sun damage, etc.

  • The grain of Grade A Teak is closer and more curvy giving it added strength and durability which makes for a longer lasting, higher quality piece of furniture.

  • It has a more uniform, ‘warm-honey,’ that lends it a superior feel compared to lower grades of teak.

Quality Reclaimed Teak Furniture from The Garden Furniture Centre

What is Reclaimed Teak Garden Furniture and why is it so special?

Just as Grade A teak wood is the best for use in newly made furniture, reclaimed teak furniture is widely considered as the most superior type of sustainable furniture.

It can be highly sought after due to the fact that many pieces are bespoke and, built to order.

Fortunately, there are over 17,000 islands across Indonesia where teak was traditionally very widely used for house and boat building. In recent years a preference has developed for other building materials meaning that there is an abundance of reclaimed teak available.

Much of this is now made into quality reclaimed teak furniture by time served crafts-people for export. Our Majestic Day Bed, (below) is a fine example of this …

Reclaimed Teak Furniture from The Garden Furniture CentreMajestic Day Bed from The Garden Furniture Centre.

What are the unique qualities of Reclaimed Teak Furniture?

Over time the qualities of untreated teak change – to the extent that many people prefer it to more freshly harvested varieties.

Plus, the reclaimed pieces have already been shaped and crafted in a previous life making the furniture they are reclaimed to make even more quirky and, in a way, mysterious.

This is because …

  • Left alone, teak garden furniture will steadily change from, ‘warm-honey,’ to the, ‘silver-grey,’ colour for which it is famed.

  • Reclaimed teak furniture retains its durable, oily qualities so you still get the same benefits that we outlined earlier with new teak.

  • With Reclaimed Teak Furniture you are doing your bit for the environment as well as buying a fantastic piece of furniture. Around 60,000,000 indigenous people and countless species of plants and animals rely on forests for life across the world so anything we can do to reduce de-forestation can only be of benefit.

Reclaimed Teak Furniture from The Garden Furniture CentreBali Bench Canoe.

Preserving history with Reclaimed Teak Furniture …

The reclaimed teak used in our furniture holds memories. It is a reminder of times gone by. All you have to do is look at the Majestic Day Bed above to realise that many of the individual pieces of reclaimed teak still hold reminders of their origins.

The ornate back panels look like they may have once been part of an ocean going vessel.

The front support still has notches engraved in it; a reminder of its original purpose.

The ornately carved sections a reminder of skilled crafts-people who may, by now, have passed away but this piece of furniture allows their memory to live on.

Authenticity is fundamental to a piece of Reclaimed Teak Furniture …


01564 793652





Relax in Style with Luxury 'Romantic' Furniture

Whatever the time of year it pays to plan ahead. Here's a collection of beautiful furniture to give you inspiration for your home and garden. Here you'll find a choice of relaxing rattan furniture that's ideal for smaller balconies, conservatories and patio areas.

For your home and garden - Get ahead this spring and summer and give your patio the makeover it deserves now.

The Beautiful Imperial Duo Set

patio set in garden

This beautifully made set is perfect for the smallest patio or balcony. This love set comprises of 2 imperial outdoor rattan chairs and... Read more >>

Quality Love Heart Coffee Table

coffee table in room

The amazing Love Heart Coffee Table is made from reclaimed teak and looks simply stunning. The two drawer table is made using... Read more >>

Perfect for two the Romance Bench

bench in garden

Whatever the time of year you can enjoy the Romance Teak Bench. Ideal for that special place in the garden for those perfect moments... Read more >>

Relax with the Vienna Love Seat

bench in garden

See the Vienna Love Seat rattan garden furniture sofa now. It's comfortable, weatherproof and ideal for any patio or outdoor space... Read more >>

The Amazing Helios Apple Day Bed

garden furniture

The Helios Apple Day Bed is a best seller practically all year round. There's also room for plenty of your friends keeping everyone happy...Read more >>

The Elegant Moon Companion Set

teak furniture set in garden

The high quality teak Moon Companion Set is made to last. The smooth curves enhance your comfort and now all you need to do is add cushions for the perfect finish... Read more >>

See a wide range of quality outdoor furniture with the beauty of natural teak that lasts for years, along with multi-functional rattan furniture for a balcony or patio area.

Don't Forget the Covers

If there's even a slight chance your furniture will be exposed to the elements then using a weatherproof garden furniture cover is a must. A good quality outdoor furniture cover can literally add years to the life of your furniture.

Discover the high quality rattan conservatory furniture and patio furniture at The Garden Furniture Centre online store today.

A Tree Bench for Your Local Gardening Community or School

They say it's always better to give that receive and that's so true. If you've not entered yet, now is the time to take advantage of a great opportunity to help your local school, garden project or charity with a special February Tree Bench prize draw worth £1200.

bench view from ground level

The tree bench is a great piece of garden furniture specially made for meeting up and chatting with friends and family. It's an impressive piece of furniture being made from a beautiful teak wood and built to last.

bench view from above

The prize on offer is the Windsor Tree Bench. The bench is available from the store with and without arms but both versions are very impressive.

bench view from side

Tree bench highlights:

Beautiful teak wood natural finish
Hard-wearing & made to last
Easy bolt-together construction
A great meeting place for family
Delivered direct to your door

bench view standing

Bench dimensions:

Height: 90cm
Internal Diameter: 100 x 100cm
Seat Height:45cm
Arm Height 66cm

For a large selection of tree benches and outdoor seating visit The Garden Furniture Centre now.

New Rattan Garden Furniture - Sunmate Recliner Set

When the weather starts to improve, with lighter evenings a warmer temperatures, replacing old and worn outdoor rattan furniture becomes more difficult as many items begin to sell out.

Now is the time to think about refreshing your jaded garden furniture while stock is available with the freshest most modern designs.

Rattan Garden Furniture - Sunmate Recliner Set

This smart multi-functional rattan seating is the perfect solution for garden and patio relaxation. The sharp lines and contrasting cushions give an air of class to the Sunmate Recliner Set.

Sunmate Recliner Set Highlights include:

Weatherproof rattan weave construction
Two fully adjustable recliners for amazing comfort
5 position seat setting for reading or sleeping
Easy-to-use parasol opening/closing system
Integral drinks table with safety standard glass

sunmate recliner set

The new sun lounger recliner set is built to last with a man-made rattan weave to ensure a long-life and many hours of use. There's also a table for those all important drinks and a neat storage area for added convenience.

sunmate recliner set

What really makes this rattan furniture stand out is the high quality supportive cushions making your time spent with the Sunmate a truly relaxing affair. View the Sunmate Lounger Recliner set now >>

sunmate recliner set

For more information on all the quality rattan furniture available visit the main website now >>

Video - Athena Gas Patio Heater for Year Round Warmth

Whatever the time of year you can benefit from the warmth of a high quality patio heater. There's also the advantage that if you buy out of season you can often bag yourself a bargain and have your pick of the stock.

Athena Gas Patio Heater - Warmth and Good Looks

The Athena pumps out some serious heat but best of all is simply looks great so you can impress your friends and family. Click on the video below now...

This stainless steel patio heater will run on either LPG gas or propane gas. It's easy to operate with simple push button battery powered ignition.

Athena Patio Heater highlights:

Beautiful stainless steel tower design stands at 2.24M
Safety mechanism and wide base avoids tipping
High 9.3Kw output keeps you really warm
Variable flame for efficient 360 degree heat
Easy to operate and cheap running costs
Quality construction will last for years

The stainless steel construction means it can withstand the elements and an outdoor weather cover is also available for ultimate protection when not in use.

Great for party-goers, special occasions and astronomers when studying the sky at night.

For more information see more on the Athena gas patio heater - Get more information here now >>

patio heater

Outdoor Furniture Company - Furniture Delivered Whatever the Weather

Whether you need to replace a conservatory furniture suite or a rattan garden furniture you need to know that your chosen company is going to do its utmost to get your new furniture delivered.

Here at The Garden Furniture Centre every order is important and all but the most severe weather will not stop our deliveries being made - even in the depths of winter.

Here's a view of the road ahead as our driver sets back out again after delivering a customer's order up in Scotland after its journey from the Midlands warehouse and showroom.

winter scene

P.S. No-one was driving at the time this picture was taken!
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