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Feeling hot, hot, hot?! Five Garden Shade ideas to keep you cool ...

Finally it's here! The sun shines on our fine country and we're all loving it - time to top up the tan.

But let's be honest even the greatest sun-worshippers have to go for the shade eventually and that's where we come in ...

Five Garden Shade Ideas from The Garden Furniture Centre...

Garden shade comes in many forms at the Garden Furniture Centre so we've simplified things in to five categories allowing you to choose the best option for you at a glance ...

Garden Parasols:

Garden Parasols - all round garden shade Garden Parasols - all round garden shade ...

Our Garden Parasols come in all shapes and sizes and offer garden shade in many different forms and all over the garden if you buy the right model.

  • Cantilever Parasols.

  • Wall-Mounted Parasols.

  • Teak Parasols.

  • Bamboo Parasols.

  • Chinese-Style Parasols.

The highest quality materials are used from the frames and spars to the finials and the canopies.

Many parts are also replaceable to give the whole thing a fresh, new look for the on-set of summer use.

Garden Shade under the Gazebo: 

Garden Gazebos for the Hot Tub Garden Gazebos for the Hot Tub ...

Gazebos of the highest quality with multi-functional uses.

Pop-Up gazebos offer that portable option to give you some shade whoever's garden you're in.

With smooth running side curtains and replaceable canopies all fabrics are UV Treated and Colour-Fast.

Mosquito nets available with some models.

Outdoor Day Beds:

Garden Shade in the Day Bed Day Beds offer the ultimate in garden shade and comfort.

The height of luxury for garden shade.

The one pictured is crafted in teak and looks like it should be at a palace in the Far East.

However, the majority of our Outdoor Day Beds are made in outdoor rattan-weave with fat cushions to sink into whilst your cooling down or having a doze out of the afternoon sunshine.

Sail Shades:

Shade Sails at The Garden Furniture Centre Shade Sails at The Garden Furniture Centre ...

Add a bit of stylish chic to your garden shade with one of our Shade Sails.

Made from high quality fray and tear resistant material they'll last for years and can be used in all sorts of locations - over dining areas, swimming pools, children's play areas or even animal pens to keep the whole family cool.

We sell all the accessories and fixings as well - making you good to go as soon as you've paid for it.


Awnings from The Garden Furniture Centre Awnings from The Garden Furniture Centre ...

Roll out the garden shade when you need it and then roll the sun back in at will.

Although motorised they can be used in the rain as the casing is protected and the fabric is waterproof.

They're also UV Protected and colour-fast up to levels 7 and 8.

If you're feeling hot, hot, hot don't worry we've got you covered.

Patio Awnings - A Great Addition to the Patio

AwningsThe great thing about a patio is all the fun and entertaining you can do out there on it. Whether that’s entertaining with friends or family, as long as the weather is dry, an outdoor patio can become a real centre point for the family.

So how can you improve what you have with your patio? Well, firstly you need to make sure your patio furniture is clean and tidy. Whatever style you choose to have, keeping your furniture in good condition means whenever you need it, it’s ready for you to use. You may also wish to consider a patio awning. Patio awnings are a great way to improve the surroundings of your garden area often giving the impression of making your patio appear bigger than it really is which is ideal if you have a modest sized patio to begin with.

Motorised AwningAn awning will offer protection against hot summer sun or shelter from a light summer shower and presents a pleasant shade for you to rest in on your patio. If you are entertaining, an awning can offer some respite for your guests to ward off the afternoon sun, or if you are eating al fresco in the evening can be very effective at helping to create a warm cosy atmosphere, helping to keep any warmth generated from heating appliances such as electric or gas patio heaters. With a wide range of colours, designs and options available awnings are becoming more and more popular.

For the height of luxury you may wish to consider a motorised awning, which can offer shade at the touch of a button. Simple to install, an electric awning offers a fully motorised option including retraction. With UV protection and completely waterproof acrylic material these awnings are ideal regardless of the weather conditions, and with the awning fully closed it is kept neat and tidy and out of the way in a powder coated aluminum alloy frame cassette when not in use.

AwningShould you be looking for something a little more simple in operation, our manually retractable balcony awnings, offers the opportunity to make the most of your balcony or patio in rain or shine. Simple to use, these manual awnings make for a simple economical option where cost is a consideration.

Whichever style of awning you decide upon, with simple installation of the awning to a suitable wall, you will add a certain individual style to your patio. With the awning attached to the wall, along with the electric motor if you decide on a motorised version the awning can be moved into position and adjusted easily though the use of a remote control from the comfort of your chair if the system has provision for this or via the push of a button which is fitted conveniently on the wall.

As an addition to the garden, an awning for the patio area offers the ideal option to help create that unique look often searched for, and the ideal way to make your patio more inviting and attractive.
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