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Garden storage

boxes are the ideal option whether it's a home for your lawnmower and garden tools, your garden furniture or simply somewhere for additional space for the overflow of things from the home. They are available in every size and shape and are becoming more and more popular due to their ease of set-up. Made from weatherproof materials, they have the ability to withstand the rigours of our ever-changing climate, and come in many different attractive designs.

When choosing, several questions can be asked before deciding on the style you want. From simple plastic boxes through to more elaborate lockable boxes, garden storage boxes and containers can be found that blend into your outdoor space and certainly offer the convenience and usefulness they were intended for.

Offering a great solution if space is tight, top opening storage boxes allow you to store small gardening items and utensils easily. For children's outdoor toys a wooden storage box is a simple convenient idea. If you and your family are keen gardeners or spend a lot of time outside, a horizontal storage box is a great idea as it can be moved around the garden and used as additional seating if required, yet still provide storage, maybe for picnic items or family garden games.

Alternatively for garden tools a storage box that can be locked for additional security may be more suitable. Before you store your tools away you may want to remove any dirt or debris using a wire brush or a stick. This will keep them clean and tidy for the next time you come to use them, and help to keep your storage box in good condition internally. If you are planning on storing your garden tools over an extended period of time, for instance over the winter months, a little lubrication before hibernating them will protect them from rust forming, or in the case of wooden handles or other areas a little rubbing in of wax will help to protect and extend the life of them.

If you have a large selection of garden tools you may want to consider some form of wooden garden storage, which nowadays does not have to be in the shape of the traditional shed. More contemporary designs are available to suit all spaces and budgets, and offers an ideal rustic design for most outdoor areas. These are ideal for the keen gardener and their tool collection as creativity can be used with regards to internal tool storage and racking offering easy access to all of the required tools.

As you can see, there is a huge variety of storage options available, if you need any help and assistance in choosing the ideal storage container for your outdoor area, then please contact us. We would be more than happy to discuss our range and your requirements accordingly.


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