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Reclaimed Furniture – Smart Home Ideas – [Video Edition]

Reclaimed Furniture – smart home ideas – [Video Edition]

Reclaimed, recycled, upcycled – whatever you call it furniture made from materials that would otherwise be wasted is all the rage nowadays.

And, to be honest, some of the ideas that people come out with are absolute genius so we’ve rounded up some of the most viewed videos on YouTube for you and thrown in a few examples from our own collection for good measure.

  1. Reclaimed Furniture made from Wood and Plumbing Pipes.

Don’t judge this by the way it sounds – from computer stations and wall storage units to dining tables and stylish sleep stations the ideas in this little beauty look really stylish and contemporary.

  1. Recycled Pallet Furniture, (Parts 1 & 2).

Part 1 …

A staggering 1.8 billion pallets are in service in the USA alone each day – meaning the humble pallet has become a necessary feature of the modern world.

However, over 70% of these are now recycled which is a higher percentage than aluminium and paper recycling figures.

A lot of this recycling involves them being used around the home  as tables and even full kitchen fittings.

Part 2 …


Why not take a look at our Reclaimed Furniture made from re-purposed teak Ox-Carts, Railway Sleepers and Fence Posts? 

stunning reclaimed furniture

  1. Recycled Cardboard.

From children’s Rocking Horses to Rocking Chairs and spiral bookcases prepare to be amazed at how creative you can get with cardboard!

  1. Recycled Wine Barrels.

From Adirondack Chairs to funky wine racks you’ll be surprised what you can achieve with an old wine barrel and a little imagination – especially if you’ve drunk the wine first.

  1. Scrap Metal Art.

The skill involved in these designs is perhaps a bit beyond the average person but the end results are so impressive we had to include it.


Why not take a look at our Upcycled Metal Furniture made from a whole array of reclaimed items from old Tuk Tuks and Tractors to Ambassador cars and Pipes?

upcycled commercial furniture 

Whatever you like to call it – and we prefer Reclaimed Furniture as a general heading – there is no doubt that this type of furniture is here to stay and becoming more and more popular all the time.

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