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Spice Up The Party Atmosphere During The Six Nations …

Spice up the party atmosphere during the Six Nations …

It’s less than a week now before the 2016 RBS Six Nations Rugby Championship starts and, not surprisingly, the news is now a frenzy of team low-downs, breaking headlines and general frenzy.

We love the way major sporting events get our nation buzzing and we almost feel it’s our duty to contribute to this in any way we can.

This year we wanted to do something completely new and applicable to as many sporting events in the UK sporting calendar as possible the only question was …

…  ‘what to do?’

After thinking about this logically for a few minutes we answered this question in the only way we knew how – with honesty.

What do people enjoy doing most during events like the Six Nations?



And what tends to be an essential component of any good party?


And what does any self-respecting drink need?

‘A Cooler, of course!’

Introducing, Bruce The Bull Country Themed Drinks Coolers – your perfect companion for the Six Nations …

Bruce The Bull has was the pioneer to our ever growing range of Novelty Drinks Coolers making him the perfect candidate to be adapted for use in major sporting events like the Six Nations – so we’ve wrapped his classic design in the flag of the four Home Sporting Nations; England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland allowing us to offer the perfect accessory for that sporting celebration.

To test the water, and see if our logic, (above), was right we gave him his first outing on Facebook specifically targeting the Six Nations event.

And boy does it appear we were right, just check out the results below …

six nations country themed drinks coolers

And the Six Nations hasn’t even officially started yet!

Pledge your allegiance today!

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