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Four Stars & Breaking Records At RHS Cardiff …

Four Stars & Breaking Records at RHS Cardiff …

In many ways we wish RHS Cardiff Flower Show was longer than three days.

Because it’s an absolute belter of a show – Bute Park is a stunning location in the shadow of the famous Cardiff Castle and the crowds are always on the ball and up for some fun. Whether it rains or shines, RHS Cardiff is a success regardless.

RHS Cardiff 2016

RHS Cardiff 2016 – A Year to Remember …

And definitely one we’ll never forget.

Exhibiting at any RHS Show is a serious business not just for the Show Garden Designers but for those who sell their wares on the Trade Stands as well.

You may or may not know that not only do the Show Gardens get judged but the Retailer Trade Stands also get judged as well.

In the previous two years we’ve received Three Star Presentation Awards for our stands at all the RHS Shows and we were immensely proud of this.

However, in 2016 we really went to town and were lucky enough to receive a massive 4 Star Award for Presentation.

4 Star Trade Stand at RHS Cardiff 2016
4 Star Trade Stand at RHS Cardiff 2016

And we’re now hoping this is a sign of things to come – particularly at the highly prestigious Chelsea Flower Show where we have something extra special planned for our exhibit.

Sshhh! It’s all under raps and in the planning at the moment – all will be revealed at the show!

However, it wasn’t just the RHS Judges that liked our stand – the show goers liked it too – our sales for the show are testament to this as we had a record breaking year here.

Many thanks to all those who purchased from us.

The Media take charge …

By far one of the more popular exhibits on our stand wasn’t, beleive it or not, the more luxury items.

It was, in actual fact, Bruce The Bull Cooler Wales!

Bruce The Bull Cooler Wales
Bruce The Bull Cooler Wales

Part of our range of Country Themed Bull Coolers the Welsh arm went down a storm and took pride of place.

Not only did he catch the eye of the punters but he also got himself filmed by a television crew and photo’d by local media!

We thought they’d be popular when we commissioned them but little did we know they’d get that sort of attention.

And not forgetting the Show Gardens and the Entertainers …

One of the best things about RHS Cardiff is the weird and wonderful characters that grace the show and seem to pop up from out of nowhere at times.

The Flower Pot Men:

Not the first time we’ve featured them in our show round up but always great for a photro opportunity and a bit of a laugh …

Flower Pot Men
Flower Pot Men

Gardeners Question Time …

These two were a right pair of jokers – who loved posing for the camera …

entertainers at RHS Cardiff Flower Show

The Show Gardens themselves …

Always a highlight and 2016 didn’t disappoint – just take a look at a few of our favourites below …

c-5 c-1 c-3 c-4 c-6

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