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Quality Teak Furniture – Are You Buying From The Best Retailers?

Quality Teak Furniture – Are you buying from the best retailers?

What are the Hallmarks of Quality Teak Furniture?

There are many different retailers selling what they call quality teak furniture today. So if you’re in the market to buy this how do you know you’re buying from the best? Do you just take their word for it, or are there certain checks you can make?

The answer is, ‘yes,’ there are certain checks you can make, and ‘no,’ you should not just take a retailers word for it.

Quality Teak Furniture can be difficult to source
Quality Teak Furniture can be difficult to source …

We have sourced teak furniture from overseas for over twenty years now meaning we know quality when we see it – or, perhaps more importantly, we know inferior quality when we see it.

We are probably best to tell you what we say to our customers in the form of advice, and what we look for from our suppliers.

Three Simple Steps to Sourcing Quality Teak Furniture …

  1. The Construction.

This is important if you want it to last – which, of course, everyone does.

Many retailers will sell items that are bolted together but the problem here is that bolts are prone to compromising the timber itself and also have a tendency to loosen over time creating that annoying, ‘wobble,’ over time.

Ultimately this will wind up costing you more money in the long run.

The highest quality teak manufacturers will use hand-cut Mortice and Tenon joints to make their furniture – these are generally reinforced with teak dowels for added strength and quality of finish.

  1. The Finish.

The finish on a quality piece of teak furniture will, firstly, be super-smooth to the point where you can run hand over the surface of, say, a table and it will feel virtually like a single piece of timber.

Look at the quality of the craftsmanship as well.

Ask questions of the person you’re buying from as well. Don’t be afraid to do this, it is your right as a customer and you’ll soon know if the person you’re questioning is knowledgeable or not.

If in doubt, walk away, or make your excuses, put the phone down and move onto the next retailer.

Remember, just because their sales blurb says they sell quality teak furniture doesn’t necessarily mean they do.

  1. Ask for Advice on Maintenance.

A genuine, knowledgeable retailer of teak will have taken the time to get to know everything about the wood and the best way to maintain it over time.

The reason this is such a good idea to ask is because it’s a bit of a double-barrelled question.

Someone who is genuinely familiar with the benefits of this fantastic timber will know that, in actual fact, it requires no maintenance and, due to the high oil content and dense nature of the wood, it can be left to its own devices without being adversely affected by the elements with cracking or splitting.

And definitely do not buy from anyone who recommends using teak oil – this will adversely affect the furniture you apply it to and will prove virtually impossible to remove.

The advice you should be getting is that, over time, the ageing process will send teak a silver-grey colour and – for cosmetic purposes only – the wood can be restored back to its original, honey-coloured lustre by using either mild, soapy water or Commercial Teak Care Products, preferably from Golden Care.

Quality Teak Furniture should be maintained with Quality Teak Care Products
Quality Teak Furniture should be maintained with Quality Teak Care Products …

Armed with this knowledge you should be able to spot the fakes and frauds in the teak furniture world, and avoid them.

Below is a series of pictorials from one of our teak suppliers, showing what we mean when we refer to Mortice and Tenon joints.

Mortice and Tenon Joints are hand cut
Mortice and Tenon Joints are hand-cut …
And holes are drilled in both parts for the dowels
And holes are drilled in both parts for the dowels …
The two halves of the joint are inserted together
The two halves of the joint are inserted together …
the perfect snug fit
The perfect snug fit …
Teak dowels are put in place
Teak dowels are put in place …
The perfect super-smooth finish
The perfect super-smooth finish …


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  1. One of the reasons that individuals select teak furniture is the quality and the life span of teak. Teak is really a wood furniture which could be seen as a financing. Never point or stain your teak furniture. Completing so will forever harm the wood. Assuming that you don’t need your teak to create the silver patina, you can apply authentic teak oil to the pieces to keep the wood from evolving color. Concerning the recurrence of the provision, counsel your teak merchant as to the proposed requisition recurrence for your atmosphere.

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