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Outdoor Garden Lights – Create Your Perfect Ambience …

Outdoor Garden Lights – Create Your Perfect Ambience …

Our Outdoor Garden Lights use natural flames coupled with classic and contemporary designs to suit urban and rural settings …

Roma Outdoor Garden Lights
Roma Outdoor Garden Lights with hardwood poles and contemporary stainless steel holders …

Quality and safety are the highest priorities with the design process behind the various designs in our catalogue.

That’s why the design process takes between 6 and 18 months to achieve that enduring look and feel in a design that’s practical at the same time.

All the outdoor garden lights in our catalogue also comply with EN-14059 Safety Standards – 100%.

Believe it or not, many manufacturers of this type of product still don’t comply with these regulations.

The main reason these regulations are so important is because, although supremely attractive, these garden torches and candle holders do use live flames and at the same time are likely to be installed in a family environment where kids are involved.

And safety has to be number one where kids and live flames are together in the same environment – if only to give you piece of mind with your purchase.

Chicago Garden Torches
Chicago Garden Torches are made from genuine slate.

Everything you need to achieve outdoor lighting heaven …

Something for everyone …

If it’s outdoor candles you’re into then have look at the Manilla Garden Lanterns, made of beautiful teak wood with glass panels and stainless steel toppers to stop misting.

Or, for a more modern feel the Roma Torches with ornate stainless steel holders and black hardwood frames would be ideal.

And then there’s the Chicago Garden Torches with pyramid-shaped bases fashioned from natural slate with a stainless steel bowl in the top to hold the flame.

Or even the Pisa and Munich garden torches that have a slimmer more understated design and look spectacular when framed round a swimming pool or garden feature at night with flames at full burn.

All torches include mufflers for safety when extinguishing the flame.

Pisa Outdoor Garden Lights
Pisa Outdoor Garden Lights for a more discreet effect around a swimming pool or garden feature …

The extras …

In our catalogue you will find Aristo Oils for lighting and cleaning purposes plus an Aristo Arms-length Lighter – the safest way to ignite the wick for you and your family.

We also sell Teak Care Products and offer Teak Care Advice specifically for the hardwood and teak lighting options.


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