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Outdoor Fire Pits – A Rising Trend …

Outdoor Fire Pits – a rising trend …

The popularity of Outdoor Fire Pits has definitely risen dramatically over the past few years.

Like many retailers we monitor the very useful Google Trends Dashboard regularly and this confirms the above statement beyond any reasonable doubt – you can see from the graph below that the amount of people searching online alone for Fire Pits and other related terms has shown a healthy increase year on year.

And nowadays there really are some stunning designs out there like this Texas Longhorn Fire Pit from the USA.

Texas Long Horn Fire Pit
Texas Long Horn Fire Pit

Outdoor Fire Pits or Outdoor Fire Places?

The same thing you might think?

Well no, in actual fact there is a difference, and any discerning fire-pitter will tell you so.

Fire Pits tend to have an open top whereas Fireplaces tend to have more of a closed aspect and a dual purpose where they provide heat and offer a cooking option as well.

There, of course, the Spanish Chimenea and Braziers as well but for the purposes of this light hearted little piece we’ll stick to the fireplace and pit.

We recently had our Cast Iron Fire Pits and Steel Fireplaces reviewed by Alice Smellie in the Daily Mail and not only does this highlight the fact that they’re becoming more and more trendy with the UK public – they’re described in the article as,

“the latest middle-class must-have outdoor accessory,”

– but also the fact there is a vast difference between the various designs out there on the market.

Cast Iron Outdoor Fire Pit
Cast Iron Outdoor Fire Pit

So what’s all the fuss about all of a sudden?

Well, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense really – particularly in the UK where we like the alfresco life but don’t always have the weather to be able to take full advantage of it without a few handy ‘tools’ to help us keep warm and provide a bit of light.

And anyway, do we really need a reason?

We live in a consumer driven world which is fuelled by novelty and popular opinion and if that means outdoor fire pits are the order of the day, well so be it, you won’t see us complaining!

Particularly not when we stock something totally unique like the Dynasty Fire Pit Set.

Dynasty Fire Pit Set
Dynasty Fire Pit Set
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