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Olefin Cushions – Quality Outdoor Fabrics …

Olefin Cushions – Quality Outdoor Fabrics …

Olefin Definition

Olefin Cushions at The Garden Furniture Centre …

Olefin Cushions are the only option if you’re buying high quality outdoor furniture.

The polymerization of propylene and ethylene gases, controlled with special catalysts, creates Olefin Fibers.

The Italian Chemist Giulio Natta first developed olefin fibers for use in textiles in 1957 – today it accounts for 16% of all manufactured fibers.

Olefin Cushions Lime Green
Olefin Cushions Lime Green

Why do we insist on Olefin Cushions in our outdoor furniture?

Simple really – they’re the best.

The following statement sums it up perfectly …

The manufacturing process used gives this sought after fabric great bulk and coverage with a low specific gravity.

“Warmth without the weight.”

Textile, Ninth Edition – (2002).

Being completely colour fast and with a low moisture uptake Olefin Fabrics are ideal for outdoor use in the UK.

They’re also completely resistant to the following hazards …

  • Fire.
  • Sunlight.
  • Chemical attack.
  • Abrasion.
  • Stains. 
Montana Sofa Suite with Olefin Cushions in Lime Green and Burnt Orange.
Montana Sofa Suite with Olefin Cushions in Lime Green and Burnt Orange.

It is a fact that this fabric compliments Rattan Weave perfectly as well – handy when you consider that we specialise in the sale of outdoor rattan furniture.

The colours are vivid, non-fading with a long lasting new look.

Olefin fabric dries quickly and keeps moisture away from the skin meaning the cushions it makes look superb and are comfortable even after a downpour – essential in the UK!

The fabric is environmentally friendly as well with very little waste given off in its production, it is also solution dyed which does not involve the use of harmful chemicals.

It’s even used in many erosion control fabrics.

And it compliments our memory foam cushions because it keeps its shape continually and recovers from wrinkling easily keeping its smooth aspect even after it’s been sat on for long periods of time.

How do I care for my Olefin?


Simply wash it down in warm or cold water paying particular attention to any deeper staining that has occurred.

It can then be air-dried or, if this is not an option use a low setting in a tumble drier.

Its no-wrinkle characteristics mean no ironing is needed.

Olefin in Beautiful Bedrock shade
Olefin in Beautiful Bedrock shade …





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