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New Year – New Conservatory?

New Year – New Conservatory?

Well, if you’re reading this we guess the answer is ‘yes.’

After the festivities over Christmas and New Year January is often the month that many people start think about the next bit of home improvement for the coming year.

And often a new conservatory is top of the list.

It maybe they’ve realised over Christmas that they need more space to cope with the influx of an ever growing family unit or it may simply be the fact that there are some cracking offers to be found on conservatory builds and furnishings in the January Sales.

If it’s simply new conservatory furniture you’re looking for then you’re in the right place as we have a massive range of conservatory furniture with plenty of discounts available.

However, it may be you haven’t got as far as the furniture yet, so below are a few new conservatory ideas to get the creative ideas flowing …


5 great ideas for a new conservatory …

  1. Windows, windows and more windows …

Adding a new extension made primarily of glass will bring the outdoors in and also flood the room with natural light making it a feature piece and real talking point.

And there’s plenty of options from glass kitchen extensions to glass living spaces or more traditional conservatory-type extensions.

  1. Conservatory dining spaces …

Perhaps one of the more popular ideas for a new conservatory is to feature the area as a dining space.

This offers you the chance to accommodate large groups of people when entertaining friends and family in a spacious and attractive setting.

The options are endless here but one we think is particularly effective is to have glass doors running the length of an outer wall meaning they can be opened in summer to make the garden easily accessible in summer and left closed in winter to achieve a similar effect whilst keeping the heat in.


  1. For those smaller spaces …

New conservatories don’t have to be large to have an impact on the home.

Smaller new conservatory spaces can be used to great effect and create very cosy rooms for quiet contemplation or as hobby spaces, etc.

There is also the added benefit that smaller new conservatory spaces may not be subject to the headaches of planning regulations.

Although we do suggest that you always consult the Planning Portal before you start with any extension to the home.

  1. Garden Rooms for a 360 degree view …

When done properly garden rooms are a great way to give your home that, ‘new lease of life.’

If you have the space, ability and budget to extend out into your garden, then do it!

A stunning outdoor room can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home, providing a tranquil bolt hole from day-to-day life. Not to mention the extra value it can add to your property.

Our Four Seasons Range offers some great options for more instant Garden Rooms.


  1. Updating the old to create the new …

Perhaps your new conservatory already exists but just isn’t so ‘new’ any longer?

Well, here’s your chance to get really creative and simply give it a fresh new look by changing its use or introducing a lick of paint and new furniture to transform it again.

Just take a look at this great post from the Ideal Home site to get some fabulous inspiration for this.

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