Moasure App – it’s made to measure …

Many of you may, at this time of year, be thinking about giving the garden a bit of a makeover this year?

And, in today’s online age, the obvious place to start having a look at the options available to you are the many and varied internet shopping sites out there such as ours.

Don’t worry we’re not about to bombard you with sales offers and jargon – in actual fact all we want to do is help you solve a problem common to many shoppers in our niche.

Just how big is your garden?

Now, this may seem like a bit of a silly question but in actual fact you’d be surprised at just how many people we speak to who are interested in buying a particular item of furniture and then suddenly ask themselves the question …

“Will this actually fit in my garden?”

Well, if you’ve got an iPhone we can solve this problem for you in an instant …

Moasure – the future of measuring made easy …

Moasure is a clever little app developed to allow iPhone users to measure distances and angles quickly and accurately by turning their phone itself into a measuring device.

Watch the video here …

As you can see, it really could not be simpler and makes perfect sense.

So, before you visit that furniture showroom simply flick Moasure on and measure the room or garden space that the furniture’s intended for and then repeat the same process with the furniture itself.

Or, if you’re internet shopping, any respectable online store will have provided the specifications of the item for you so you can compare these to the Moasure results on your phone and make an informed decision based on these without having to guess and hope.

Obviously, there are hundreds of other applications here as well and at just £1.49 for a download it really is a no-brainer.

Why not download Moasure and give it a try.

February 1, 2017 Rhodri James Latest News