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McMillan Legacy Garden Looks Great With Our Curved Backless Bench …

McMillan Legacy Garden looks great with our Curved Backless Bench …

Cardiff RHS Flower Show is always a great one there’s always a buzzing atmosphere and it kicks the RHS season off in great style every year.

And this year was no different – particularly as the sun shone all weekend meaning our 150 square metre trade stand was busy with show-goers all weekend making for a great atmosphere.

In fact, we even caught the eye of a film crew from Welsh TV!

The meaning of life – a Legacy Garden from McMillan …

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

Nelson Henderson

We’re always looking for ways to get further involved at all the events we exhibit at throughout the year over and above simply having a Trade Stand presence.

So we were delighted earlier on this year to be contacted by Sarah Wilson the garden designer responsible for the Legacy Garden from McMillan Cancer Support looking to source a Curved Backless Bench as a centre piece for her design.

Obviously, during the show we had a wander over to the garden and we were hugely impressed with the design which we feel has a theme which is highly relevant in today’s society …

“The theme of Macmillan Legacy Garden is ‘creating legacy’, and specifically how a person’s benevolent actions may create a ripple of beneficial effects for others in the future. The garden’s atmosphere is restful and contemplative.”

RHS website

Of course our personal feeling is that the curved backless bench finished the whole thing off perfectly!

It does also always amaze us the huge effort and attention to detail that goes into designing and building a show garden at the RHS Flower Shows.

And the McMillan Legacy Garden was certainly no exception to this rule – Sarah was kind enough to take a couple of pictures from the start of the garden build and it seems and you can’t fail to respect a team of people who can turn this …

into this …

Mind you all the hard work paid off as the garden won a Silver Gilt Award from the RHS judges – well done guys!

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