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London Boat Show – Tuk Tuk’s Steal It & The Band Plays On …

London Boat Show – Tuk Tuk’s steal it & the band plays on …

The London Boat Show, 2016 at Excel has just finished and we’ve had a stand there for the past three years.

As you may well know we like to offer our own unique take on all the events we attend throughout the year and the boat show is always a favourite as it allows us to ‘test the water’ with new product ranges sourced in the quieter, winter months of the year.

The London Boat Show, 2016 in video …

As a lively starting point we’d love you to watch the videos below – the first is a quick visual tour of our trade stand at the event and the second is the official highlights put together by the organisers of the London Boat Show in 2016.

Enjoy …

The event from a Garden Furniture perspective …

When we tell people that we’re exhibiting at the London Boat Show most people’s reaction tends to be,

‘what, you sell garden furniture at the London Boat Show?’

And the answer is most definitely,

‘yes, we do.’

And the key to this, as with the majority of our event stand range throughout the year, is the unique appeal to the furniture we take which catches the eye of the sow-goers and allows us to create a nice relaxed buzz for people to enjoy without being aggressively sold to.

Event Stand favourites in 2016 …

Luxor – Marine Grade:

The Luxor Contemporary Range was launched at the 2014 London Boat Show and was received extremely well – in fact, our very first sale of this range was to the Sunseeker Exhibitors in 2014 after the furniture on their brand new launch yacht had blown off on its way down the Thames!

London Boat Show 2014 Luxor Range on the Sunseeker
The Luxor Range on the Sunseeker in 2014 …

The range has grown in popularity ever since and this year we launched the Pienza Modular Suite – our brand new extension of the Luxor family.

Another hit was the Magic Apple, again, a new addition to the Luxor Range this ‘mini outdoor day bed for one’ has to be seen to be believed.

magic apple at the boat show

Tuk-Tuk draws the crowds:

 We’ve also recently invested in a cracking range of Upcycled Furniture cleverly made from decommissioned working vehicles in India. So we’ve got Tractor Tables, Ambassador Car Benches and what is steadily becoming the biggest hit of them all – the Tuk Tuk Bar.

tuk tuk bar

All in all, a great show.

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