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Laser Inscriptions Help Warwickshire Air Ambulance …

Laser Inscriptions help Warwickshire Air Ambulance …

We donated the cost of our Lasers Inscriptions for the month of March and raised £1,983 for The Warwickshire Air Ambulance.  In fact, this was such a success that we plan on trying to the same thing again for month later on in the year.

Why Laser Inscriptions?

Basically because they’re so popular.

We use state of the art Laser Engraving Technology to inscribe words, pictures or a combination of the two onto a huge variety of different bench styles and wooden signs from our on line catalogue – and the service goes down a storm!

So when, at the beginning of the year, Jon, the Director of The Garden Furniture Centre, decided to make a donation to a charity close to his heart the Laser Inscription fees seemed like the perfect option to contribute to a very worthy cause and get some further exposure around a very impressive and bespoke service at the same time.

Jon said, ‘The Air Ambulance is a service that I’ve had dealings with in the past and it’s a pleasure to donate the cost of our Laser Inscriptions for a month – there is also the fact that you never know when you’re going to need them.’

Who are The Warwickshire Air Ambulance?

Laser Inscriptions raise money for charity

Set up in 2003 to offer a vital lifesaving and rescue operation across Warwickshire and Northamptonshire, the Warwickshire Air Ambulance are now an integral part of the regions rescue services as a whole.

They are completely funded by charitable donations and celebrated their first tehn year milestone of operations last year in 2013.

They fly out of Coventry Airport and operate 365 days a year using the speed and manoeuvrability of the helicopter to transport a team of paramedics and highly trained medical teams directly to the scene of emergencies like horse riding accidents, road traffic accidents, cardiac arrests and medical emergencies in general.

Jo Payne, National Volunteering Manager said,

‘each and every time we fly it costs around £1700, so regular donations are critical to our success. We thank The Garden Furniture Centre very much for donating the proceeds from their laser inscriptions and would love the opportunity to work with them again in the future.’

Find out more about The Air Ambulance Service.

Paramedics from The Warwickshire Air Ambulance

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