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How to Get Rid of Bugs Quickly with a Spider Vacuum!

If you’re one of those people who shriek and run a mile at the slightest encounter with a daddy-long-leg or spider, then the Procter Pest-Stop Spider & Bug Vacuum is for you.

Want to banish the bugs Humanely?

This great little bug vacuum gadget looks like the ideal solution for use in the garden shed or in any nooks or crannies anywhere around the home or workplace. It could possibly work with other garden critters as well.

Spider & Bug Vacuum (PSSBV)

Here’s what to expect from this unique little gadget:

– Never be afraid of spiders again

– Deals with the insects humanely

– Captures insects and bugs effortlessly

– Quick solution and no mess

– Needs only one 9v battery

RRP: (single product) £11.99

Available from the UK at the stockists below:


Spider & Bug Vacuum


Manufacturers’ website and contact details –

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