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Grow your own gourmet herbs and salads with Seed Pantry

Grow Your Own Gourmet Herbs

Seed Pantry provides all you need to grow your own successional herbs and salads this summer even if you have little or no garden!  With a huge rise in people wanting to grow their own food Seed Pantry has created the perfect solution for ‘easy grow your own’ with seeds kits selected for novice and experienced growers – they make great gifts too.

Seed Pantry’s gourmet mini herb pantry seed pack and window salad seeds pack will help you grow fast, tasty and cheaper food than you would expect to buy from any supermarket. By sowing and growing your own herbs and salads every 2 to 3 weeks inside or outside you will ensure that you have a continuous supply all summer long and into autumn.  Friendly advice comes with the packs and additional tips and advice you may need is available at Seed Pantry’s website.

Plant pot on windowsill.

Getting started growing your own food on windowsills, balconies, backyards and in gardens is really straight forward with Seed Pantry and brings great satisfaction, it’s amazing to watch a small seed grow into something that looks and tastes fantastic that you have grown with your own hands.  You could start by growing your own basil in pots on the window sill with the Seed Pantry herb seeds starter pack that also includes pots and compost to get you going….or grow some gourmet salads from the window salads seed pack by sowing leafy seed varieties in a window box.

Healthy green plant.

Firstly take your window box and to help drainage add a layer of gravel or broken pot bits in the bottom, then add compost to about 3cm below the top, firm this down gently, take a few seeds from your Seed Pantry pack in your hand and spread them evenly across the surface. Lettuces being grown as cut-and-come-again need about 2cm space between each plant.  Sprinkle a 1cm layer of compost over the top and firm down, gently water until the soil is moist.  Then 4 to 6 weeks later you’ll have grown your own tasty gourmet herbs and salads for the kitchen.  To maintain a constant supply follow up sowings can be done 2 to 3 weeks after the 1st sowing for successional crops.

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