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Garden Colours That Are In Season Right Now

Garden Colours That Are in Season Right Now

As outdoor paint manufacturers expand their colour palettes it can be difficult to decide on a colour scheme for the garden. Some people like the furniture and accessories to be bright and noticeable while others prefer a more subdued, classic look which allows the flowers to take centre stage. Whatever your taste, you’ll find some inspiration from colours in season this year in our quick look list.

Greys …

Lamp Room Grey and Elephant’s Breath are Farrow and Ball shades that have become very popular over the last 12 months. They are ideal for properties in conservation areas as they allow building to blend neatly into the surroundings. These colours are also great for those who love a subdued minimalistic look. Along with garden furniture they are also popular for exterior woodwork such as windowsills and fascias.

grey garden colours

Blue Hues …

Blue is a very popular colour for the garden as there are few plants that flower with this hue, cornflowers and pansies being an exception. A blue backdrop can look exquisite when paired with the yellow of an Arthur Bell floribunda rose or the striking blood red of an open poppy. For a subtler colour, many choose lavender or duck egg blue, which are blues with a hint of the grey mentioned above. For a more striking appearance, sky blue blends with the vista on a warm summers day and brings sunshine to the garden no matter what the weather.

blue hues  look great for novelty coolers

Limes and Lemons …

Ikea has made limes fashionable again and while it’s often see adorning children’s furniture; lime is a great colour for a garden. It can be paired with other bright colours such as lemon to really add a playful theme and there are a lot of garden furniture paint manufacturers who sell this shade. Lime can be a great backdrop for red and blue flowers adding a contrast that’s striking. If you like green but are not fond of lime, sage green is also very fashionable in the garden this year and can add a country cottage feel.

limes and lemons make striking garden colors

Pastels …

All pastels are in season in the garden, especially for painting garden furniture. Pastel pinks, blues, greens and creams add a subtle hint of colour to any garden. You can also buy garden parasols to compliment the colours you use while a range of garden furniture can be transformed with the use of outdoor cushions.

Essentially, the colours you choose for your garden depend on your taste alone. As long as the colours make you smile, it really doesn’t matter what’s in season or not.

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