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An Ecovision for our Showroom …

We’re going green.

Well, to be more specific our Showroom is.

It all started with solar panelling being installed for us and the other units across Yew Tree Farm this allows us to increase our ‘green footprint’ and these panels pass power back to the National Grid as well.

However, we haven’t stopped there with our green initiatives.

Through an aptly named company called Ecovision in actual fact.

What have Ecovision contributed to our personal eco vision?

In short, renewable energy from woodchips.

And, along with a growing list of other clients, we’re hugely impressed with their technology.

The work took 6 months to complete but it’s made a massive difference to our showroom which is lovely and toastie warm especially as we’ve recently had some sliding doors fitted to keep the heat in.

Take the online tour below ...

By using more renewable energy businesses and organisations across the world are in a position to make a lasting impression on the increasingly dangerous carbon footprint.

And, particularly in many parts of the western world, the incentives available means really is no reason not to get involved.

Ecovision themselves provide a comprehensive list of the benefits of renewable here.

And they offer lots of options to cater for a wide range of clients. Their current portfolio ranges from stately homes to schools and residential developments.

ecovision biomass installation

We have installed the Biomass Option, largely because of the rural location and the fact that Yew Tree Farm Shopping Village is still a part working farm meaning biomass is the obvious option for us. The farm is currently using a company called Woodchip but we have a license to start using our own woodland going forward.

However, their renewable energy systems also include options to use ground, air and water source heating systems that take advantage of the abundant natural elements around us as opposed to those that are rapidly running out and that produce harmful waste products into the bargain.

Biomass Unit

Most important of all though – now winter is finally here – us and those people who visit us have never been warmer in our life!

Ecovision – a greener future for all.

Woodchip provides the fuel


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