How to Clean a Cantilever Parasol …

How to Clean a Cantilever Parasol …

Cantilever parasols provide an attractive feature to any garden.

They can be vibrant, while giving relief from the hot burning sun. They can keep drinks cool and the sun out of your eyes, they can even offer shade from a breeze on a windy day.

A parasol is a must for entertaining outside on a warm day, as it ensures you have the right protection as you while away the hours chatting at a table or picnic bench. Of course, in Britain, we experience a lot of rain and it’s not always possible to bring the cantilever parasol in from the elements. This can result in mould or dirt on the fabric, and rust on the mechanics.

Cantilever parasols are large, and as such cannot be fully immersed in warm water in order to clean away the debris. Here are some tips on how to clean a cantilever parasol.

Use natural ingredients to clean your Cantilever Parasol …

You usually don’t need anything heavily scented to clean a cantilever parasol. That’s because the fresh air usually gives a scent many try to imitate indoors. Instead choose natural ingredients to cut through the mould and to sterilise the fabric.

At this point, if you have a steam cleaner, that would probably be the best tool for cleaning the parasol. All you need is water and an electric supply.

If you don’t own a steam cleaner, you can still achieve good results with a bucket of hand hot water and these ingredients:

  • White vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Lemon Juice
  • Salt


The salt acts as a natural abrasive to remove stains and absorb mould. The baking soda and vinegar react to lift mould from the fabric. They will also sterilise and deodorise the parasol. The lemon juice cuts through grease and will make washing easier. Make sure you have a bucket of hot clean water to rinse.

At this point all you need is elbow grease …

Unfortunately if the parasol is very mouldy, it may be nigh on impossible to remove it. We sell a wide range of cantilever parasols that could provide an attractive replacement. You can also buy parasol covers to prevent damage happening in the future, these should protect your parasol against the elements.

Outdoor Fire Pits – a rising trend …

Outdoor Fire Pits – a rising trend …

The popularity of Outdoor Fire Pits has definitely risen dramatically over the past few years.

Like many retailers we monitor the very useful Google Trends Dashboard regularly and this confirms the above statement beyond any reasonable doubt – you can see from the graph below that the amount of people searching online alone for Fire Pits and other related terms has shown a healthy increase year on year.

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Patio Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture

Are your thoughts already turning towards the warmer months ahead? Even though we are still in the winter months, it is great to start considering the spring and summer months and being out in the garden entertaining once again. And so, if the answer is yes, then you might just want to consider thinking about how your patio furniture is looking and if it could do with an overhaul for this coming year or maybe even replacing.

If you are thinking about replacing your Patio Furniture any time soon, then why not take a little time to list all of the options available to you. There is a wide choice available so it is worth taking time to consider.

Think about how you spend your time, and maybe even ask yourself these five questions:

– How big does your patio furniture set need to be?
– How much entertaining do you do?
– Is the patio furniture you are buying durable and long lasting?
– Is the furniture you are considering good value for money?
– Does the patio furniture you want to buy fit your style?

These questions will help you with the options of choice of material, size and number of chairs for example.

Investing in new patio furniture can be a major decision. However Garden Furniture Sets are great value for money at this time, and it is definitely a good time to plan your patio for that ideal new look, just in time for the warmer months. Whatever style of patio furniture you currently have, there are a fantastic range of products to choose from with a wide range to suit all pockets regardless of the budget you have in mind.

Teak Garden Furniture

Patio Furniture Sets

Patio furniture sets are available in a choice of materials from simple modern bistro sets made from aluminium through to stunning rattan weave patio sets offering a huge variety of seating and table combinations.

Rattan offers a combination of luxury and opulence and certainly makes quite a statement on any patio area. Offering many fantastic qualities including its resistance to the elements and hard wearing nature. Rattan Patio Furniture should be at the top of any shopping list if you are looking to refresh your patio area and looking for furniture that will make friends and loved ones stop and gasp!

Patio Furniture

Where space maybe at a premium an ideal solution is a range of folding tables and chairs available made from wrought iron and teak. With a style and practicality only teak and wrought iron can offer the Clarence Folding range of items offers an intimate way for alfresco eating and entertaining with loved ones and friends.

Our teak and rattan Patio Furniture Sets require minimal maintenance and will offer many years of service, making them great value for money. With a range of tables and chairs along with sun loungers and associated accessories such as planter boxes also being available, if you are looking to theme your outdoor area we have many product lines available with a full choice which match beautifully.