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The “How to” of Small Garden Design

Just because you have a small outdoor space doesn’t mean that you need to be limited on design options. In fact, smaller gardens have plenty of advantages because you can really be creative without spending too much money or putting your space at risk of appearing overly cluttered. From furniture to plants and colour schemes, this is our rundown of the very best ways to design for small outdoor space…

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Best Plants for Moist Soil

While autumn and winter in the UK inevitably mean a lot of rain, it’s safe to say we experience a fair bit of wet weather all year round. By understanding which are the best plants for moist soil, we can make sure that our garden flourishes throughout the seasons.

As different parts of the garden will receive more moisture due to their exposure to the elements, e.g. open flowerbeds compared to spots of soil sheltered by trees, we need to understand how to utilise the best plants for moist soil so we can make the most of every area of our garden.

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Why Gardening Is Good For You

Why Gardening is Good For You …

Getting out in the garden and looking after your backyard isn’t just a hobby, but can have major health benefits for you also.

Being outside is a great way of breathing in the fresh air, and being active.

By caring for your plants, you’re also caring for your own body. Being active and engaged with gardening can help you tick off many of the factors of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The more gardening you do and the better you look after yourself has been proven to increase your lifespan.

Here are some important points about why gardening is good for you.

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Five Must Do Gardening Jobs For The Springtime

Must do gardening jobs for Spring …

Five important spring gardening jobs …

Spring is the season to catch up on those all-important gardening jobs. Getting prepared is crucial if you want to have an eye-catching and healthy garden – not just over the summer months, but all year round as well.

So we’ve put together a list of five crucial gardening jobs to be performed in the springtime that will make your garden life easier and more efficient moving into the summer months.

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