Why Gardening is Good For You …

Why Gardening is Good For You …

Getting out in the garden and looking after your backyard isn’t just a hobby, but can have major health benefits for you also.

Being outside is a great way of breathing in the fresh air, and being active.

By caring for your plants, you’re also caring for your own body. Being active and engaged with gardening can help you tick off many of the factors of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The more gardening you do and the better you look after yourself has been proven to increase your lifespan.

Here are some important points about why gardening is good for you.

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Must do gardening jobs for Spring …

Must do gardening jobs for Spring …

Five important spring gardening jobs …

Spring is the season to catch up on those all-important gardening jobs. Getting prepared is crucial if you want to have an eye-catching and healthy garden – not just over the summer months, but all year round as well.

So we’ve put together a list of five crucial gardening jobs to be performed in the springtime that will make your garden life easier and more efficient moving into the summer months.

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The Amazing Tresco Abbey Gardens – Bringing the Mediterranean to Britain

There’s an amazing secret that is the Tresco Abbey Gardens. A truly beautiful garden that captures the essence of the Mediterranean with some of the most exotic plants ever seen in a British outdoor garden.

A short thirty mile trip from Britain’s South Western coastline puts you on a journey of discovery. Soon enough you’ll arrive at the exotic island that is Tresco as part of the Isles of Scilly.

Destination Abbey Gardens – Tresco, Isles of Scilly

mixture of plant life and flowers

The Abbey Gardens have become a popular destination for Britain’s plant lovers and with good reason. A casual stroll through any part of the garden reveals a wealth of exotic plants from all corners of the globe. The temperate climate allows plants from Australia to the South Americas to thrive recreating the magical colours of the rainbow such is their vibrancy.

garden view

The various terraces of the garden lend themselves to various plant groupings. The higher most terrace takes full advantage of the sun and is home to plant-life originating from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Highlights include:

Aloe, Banksia , Callistemon, Cape heaths, Dryandra, Leucadendron and Protea.

Sheltered from the wind, the middle and lower terraced slopes are bursting with colour with an array of exotic plants clamouring for space.

garden view with bench

The more protected areas once again contain interesting plant groups that are different to the higher terraces. Special plant attractions inlude:

Aeoniums, Agave, Bird of Paradise and Puya.

The amazing Bird of Paradise is always popular and stunning to look at being pollinated by exotic humming birds having made their long journey from the mountains of Chile.

palm tree

Each path through the garden terraces reveals plants that create a special kind of wonder; mainly for their variety and eye-popping colours.

Tresco Abbey Gardens History

Augustus Smith arrived at the Isles of Scilly in 1834 as leaseholder and Lord Proprietor of all the islands. He chose to live on the island of Tresco and set down the first foundations for his new home near to the dilapidated St Nicolas Priory.

palm tree garden

His house, named Tresco Abbey, was built on an outcrop above the ruins of the old priory. Almost immediately he began his plans for creating what was to become the Tresco Abbey Gardens.

Winds are always a problem on the islands so he began in earnest by protecting his first seedlings with an array of walls to surround the garden.

shady bench

As time went on the garden gradually developed and grew in size. Many species were introduced and necessary shelter was provided by exotic palms and Cypress trees so that more delicate varieties could prosper.

The Abbey Gardens continue to grow and evolve today some four generation on from Augustus Smith.


Information  – Abbey Gardens on the island of Tresco with details of entry prices and 5 day holidays.

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Choosing the Healthiest Foods to Grow in Your Garden

tomato plant in containerGrowing your own fruit and vegetables needn’t be just a dream and when you get it right there’s nothing better. If you have access to a balcony, a patio or are lucky enough to have space for a raised bed, you already have everything you need to start growing your own.

Start by Growing the Healthiest Foods

Knowing what to grow first or what to concentrate your efforts on from the outset means you’ll be getting the benefits sooner.

Fresh fruit and vegetables in general are good for your overall well-being and specifically:

Good for a healthy heart
A strong immune system
Reducing risks of cancers
Boosting essential vitamins

Of course individual vegetables and fruits have their own benefits. Beetroots and carrots, containing red-pigments, are especially associated with reducing the risks associated with some cancers.

Video – Growing Vegetables

If you have room in the garden this video gives some great information on what to grow, soil types and much more. Click the button below to play now…

For some great ideas on growing your own and selecting the ideal fruit and vegetables Click here >>