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Caring for Your Garden Furniture in Colder Weather

Whether your garden furniture is worth £100 or £1000, it makes sense to protect it as the weather starts to turn colder in the Autumn months ahead. The easiest way to protecting your outdoor furniture with the minimum fuss is by getting a purpose made high quality garden furniture cover.

cube cover


Quality Garden Furniture Covers

Wooden furniture in particular is susceptible to wind rain and large changes in temperature from warm in the day to cold at night. A quality heavy weight cover will keep the elements from deteriorating your furniture whether you have a garden bench, patio heater, patio dining set or any kind of outdoor furniture suite.

Bench Garden Furniture Cover

What to Look for in a Good Quality Garden Furniture Cover
Make sure you get the cover that's right for you depending on the size and durability that you need. Here's what you should look for:

- Heavy duty material from 250g in weight

- Ultra violet resistant preventing fading

- Water-proof fabric to maintain furniture

- Seam taped joints for extra strength

- Cords or ties for stability in winds

Seam Taped Covers for Strength

Before deciding on your garden furniture cover of choice make sure you measure it thoroughly to ensure a snug fit.

Rattan Garden Furniture Covers

Covers are designed to fit any combination of garden furniture ranging from a single bench to a full patio furniture set. Protect your garden furniture now before the first frosts of Autumn start to appear.


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