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Buy Light up Furniture for a longer lasting appeal …

In today’s commercial world you have to stand out and be counted.

In every walk of consumer life nowadays people seem to enjoy feeling like they are part of something different or slightly unique.

This is particularly true of the ‘hot spots’ in which people eat, drink and generally socialise with friends and family.

So, for the owners of these social ‘hot spots’ the challenge is just exactly how do they make themselves stand out from the crowd? How do they make their nightclub, restaurant, bar, etc a unique place that the public want to return to?

Obviously, atmosphere and quality of product are the main key factors here – a nightclub with no atmosphere is a nightclub that will fail and a restaurant with bad food is, ultimately, a restaurant with no diners.

But, what many businesses tend to forget is the attention to detail – the finishing touches that linger with the punters long after the, ‘night out itself,’ is over.

And this attention to detail very often comes down to the décor and ambience of a place.

Light up Furniture helping you stand out from the crowd …

Light up furniture is a great way to add that finishing touch to your ‘social hotspot’ and make a lasting impression with your customers.


  1. It’s a relatively new phenomenon and certainly not something you see everywhere.
  2. It catches the eye and adds a very novel touch that people remember.
  3. It allows you to add that ‘fun’ aspect to the proceedings.
  4. It brings any setting it’s placed in to life and creates a talking point adding to the atmosphere in general.
  5. It doesn’t have to take over and be overpowering – we’ve even been in pubs where the wash basins in the toilets are part of the light up furniture on display and we’ve never been to the toilet more on a night out before!!

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Other unique Furniture Ideas to help you stand out …

Admittedly, light up furniture may well not be to everyone’s taste.

But it is most definitely true that novelty furniture in general does offer that perfect finishing touch and is something that should be seriously considered in depth if you want to create a space with that lasting appeal.

Below you can find some other ranges you may want to look at for inspiration …

Novelty Drinks Coolers:

These are genuinely hand finished from upcycled shipping drums and other scrap metals and come in a huge variety of designs from Volkswagon Camper Van Coolers to Lighthouses!

See the full range here.

Indian Upcycled Furniture:

A truly original range that offers bespoke and functional designs which are literally out of this world! Here you will find all manner of treasures from Tuk Tuk Bars to Indian Tractor Tables!

See the full range here.

Big Core Rattan:

Rattan Furniture may be considered as quite common place in both commercial and domestic settings now meaning it’s difficult to find something different.

However, our Big Core Fiji Rattan Weave is totally unique to us and is guaranteed to become a talking point – seeing really is believing here.

We do hope this post was helpful and of some inspiration to you and if you do nothing else after reading it we strongly recommend you at least check out our stunning range of LED Furniture today.  

July 24, 2017 Rhodri James Garden Ideas