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Transform Your Outdoor Space into A Gin Garden!

If you love cocktails, and who doesn't, the Gin Garden might be travelling to a London garden near you. The company plans to pop-up next with some of their finest drinks with ingredients sourced from local gardens.

They are the travelling Gin Garden, and you will find them popping up in unexpected green spaces around London, mixing and serving drinks. The gin garden works with local distilleries, complimenting the botanicals of their unique gin with local herbs, fruits and flowers.

Jo Farish, who runs the Gin Garden with friend and colleague Edi Whale,  said "We want to create the most local drinks possible, so wherever we pop up around London, we’ll take gin produced nearby and enhance it with the available botanicals to create a bespoke menu for the site" .

"We want to go to loads of unexpected green spaces in London: community gardens, museum gardens, anywhere there isn’t normally a bar."

The Gin Garden's First Outing

The Gin Garden’s debut was last week at the Apple Day at Fenton House in Hampstead, London over the weekend. First on the menu list were three show-stopping cocktails that proved a real hit.

The dynamic duo behind the Gin Garden will arrive at your location blossoming your space into a decorative scenic background. They can "bring a strip of velvety turf, with a hedge of lilac or red may, or whatever happens to be in season, as a background, one or two cherry trees in blossom, and clumps of heavily-flowered rhododendrons filling in the odd corners; in the foreground you have a blaze of carnations or Shirley poppies, or tiger lilies in full bloom."

The Cocktail List

Bramley Apple Martini
made with Sacred Gin and bramley apple juice from Fenton House Orchard

Gin and Tonic
made with Sacred Gin Cardamon distillate and light Fever-Tree tonic and a grapefruit twist

English Lavender 75
made with Sacred Gin, Sparkling wine, lavender and honey from Fenton House gardens and hive

Sacred Negroni
made with Sacred Vermouth with a liqueur preserved cherry

Gin and Juice
made with Sacred Gin and freshly squeezed lemonade and raspberries from the local greengrocers

Lemonade with thyme
made with freshly squeezed lemonade and raspberries with a dash of home-made thyme syrup

For more information visit the Gin Garden


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