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Autumn In The Garden

Great Products for Autumn

As summer melts into autumn along with the first indicators of colder weather developing, now is the ideal time to prepare for the winter months, whilst at the same time taking advantage of what autumn has to offer.  In spite of colder weather being upon us, we can still get out in the garden and in doing so take enjoyment from our efforts out there.

Garden Furniture Covers
With colder weather as well as the likelihood of frost anytime soon, now is a good time to be looking to invest in garden furniture covers for outdoor furniture you are unable to store indoors.

Good garden furniture covers offer water and UV resistance and will be manufactured from heavy-duty polyester to keep the worst of the winter weather out.  Look for additional items such as pull ties that help to hold covers securely.  The Large Round Suite cover provides protection for furniture sets up to 1.8 metres including 8 chairs.  Manufactured with taped seams, this cover set offers high protection against water ingress and UV resistance.

Patio Heaters
As the temperature drops, for the more hardy amongst us the opportunity to spend time in the garden or on the patio still remains if you have a source of heating such as a patio heater.  Patio Heaters offer a wonderful source of heat making any patio area more intimate on a cold dark evening.

The impressive stainless steel constructed gas driven Edelweiss patio heater offers 13kw of heat to warm the coolest of evenings for friends and family alike.  Alternatively if you are looking for an electric patio heater, a Heatwave Wall Heater offers the option of never having to worry about running out of gas and simply at the flick of a switch you have heat whatever the weather.

Garden FleeceGarden Fleeces
It is definitely worth considering a garden fleece for the more vulnerable plants or shrubs as you start to put the garden ‘to bed’ for the winter.  Garden fleeces comes in a variety of sizes and shapes and offers frost protection for plants by creating a warm and insulating platform through trapping air, which is converted into warm air.  Daylight and water are able to pass through allowing growth.  A garden fleece such as the Mega Fleece are available in sizes up to 2.4 metres x 2.0 metres.  Fleece covers are also available featuring animal faces offering protection against frost and winter conditions, whilst introducing a bit of fun into the garden.

Outdoor-fireplaceOutdoor Fireplaces
At the end of a hard days gardening, nothing can be better than relaxing on the garden furniture and enjoying the last of the Sun before it disappears and dusk gives way to the dark evening.  If you are looking for a little additional warmth to prolong your evening, why not consider some form of outdoor fireplace.  Firepits offer a great solution for autumn entertaining providing warmth to any garden setting.

The Autumn Steel Fireplace is great for those kinds of evenings and even comes with a cooking grill, perfect for jacket potatoes!  With the ability to produce heat from all sides, and castors for easy movement, the majority of outdoor fireplaces are the ideal addition for any autumnal garden setting.

Parasol HeatersParasol Heaters
If you are looking to spend more time in the garden, a parasol will help to offer protection against the cold, and when partnered with a Parasol Heater of some description, these help to extend your time outside.

Parasol Heaters bring heat and in some instances light to your outdoor area.  By fixing directly to your parasol the Heatwave Parasol Heater offers instant, silent, odourless heat offering the perfect reason to spend more time out in the garden during the autumn evenings.

With autumn in full technicolour, it is a great time to get out into the garden and enjoy the ever-changing colours of trees, plants and shrubs.  At the end of the day when your work has been done, take a little time to relax and make the most of your outdoor area before winter truly sets in.

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