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A Touch of Luxury in the Garden!

What could be better after a long and stressful week than relaxing outdoors in your very own hot tub! Well, keeping the leaves and insects out for a start. Also, not doing mind-bending calculations in your head over how heavy the rain is becoming, versus the water level and temperature in your lovely hot tub. (Not to mention the nosy neighbour on one side staring at you whilst you sip your well-deserved Pinot Grigio!)

Create an idyllic sanctuary in your very own back garden and be the envy of the neighbourhood (but have the option of hiding it from the neighbour) with a hot tub shelter. There are some cumbersome, heavy shelters available out there but if you don’t want to look like you are having a bath in a shed then you might consider a stylish gazebo as an alternative.

For shelter, privacy or just plain luxury, our hardwood gazebos act as stunning outdoor rooms and can house even a large Jacuzzi, adding just the right balance of privacy and comfort. Our Delux and Riviera gazebos come in two sizes: choose from a 3x4m or a 4x4m area. Each size and model comes with a hardwearing, waterproof canopy, fully closeable side curtains and mosquito nets to keep those pesky bugs from ruining your evening! There is also a choice of gazebo flooring to fit your required size, either in carpet or hardwood flooring.

Whichever model or size you choose you can be assured of a stunning and elegant addition to the garden as well as a practical, all weather shelter.

There are a range of optional extras that can also be utilised within the gazebo, enabling you to enjoy your hot tub all year round. Lights can be very easily fitted (either mains or rechargeable) with hardly any effort and you can also incorporate gazebo heaters to keep the warmth in (see our Heatwave range); and while you are all nice and toasty why not be truly lavish and invest in an outdoor fridge to keep those beers and wines nicely chilled?

So enjoy this wonderful summer - listen to the rain on the canopy, turn up the heater, switch on the bubbles, draw the side curtains to shut the neighbour out and have a long sip of that Pinot Grigio…or whatever else helps you wind down in sumptuous privacy….


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