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6 Easy Ways to Make Your First Home Stunning

Whether you’re in the planning stages of buying your first home or moving into rented accommodation, there are easy ways to make your home truly stunning and very individual. Here are some great ideas that will inspire and make for a truly wonderful first home whatever the budget.

Interior Designer Shares his Expertise to Add the Wow Factor

Originally from the world of Hollywood as a production designer, Kyle Schuneman is now a successful interior designer and has put together a truly inspirational guide for all homemakers.

Kyle covers real-life experiences and solutions to home-making all taken from his debut book, The First Apartment Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces, on sale from August 28, 2012.

The 27 year-old interior designer said “I wanted to put together a guide filled with design advice that’s useful, fresh, fun — and the antithesis of a design manifesto on how you must decorate to fit into a mold.”

Here are just a few of the key markers for creating a special home:

1. Take care of something beautiful, something living.

Bring life to your main room by including flowers and plants making special use of bright colours and ornamental vases.

2. Your space should have roots.

Create interest with spaces dedicated to help reflect the building’s identity. Make a focal point by using different layers and textures.

3. Take design cues from the places you love.

Look closely at the top shelf of the retro kitchen storage and it reveals a mirror. This simple and fun idea was taken from the designer’s favourite local bar.

4. Tell a story with your surroundings and have a definitive point of view.

Here a musician’s favourite instruments are used to both display and provide easy access for playing. Any visitor would surely be wowed by this wall of colour, shape and guitar design.

5. Bring home treasures and conversation starters.

By keeping eyes peeled and a nose for a bargain – a mid-century stylish chair adds interest after being sourced from a local store. Often the best items are the ones you discover when you’re not purposefully searching for them.

6. Take Elements from the Outside.

By utilising the beauty of natural materials like rattan furniture with a chair, table or suite; a sense of nature can be brought into the home. This can enhance the feeling of calm, relaxation and add a little extra chic. Pay that little bit more if funds allow to have at least one standout piece that could be used in any of the living spaces.

Natural Elements: Rattan Furniture
Natural Elements: Rattan Furniture

Use your imagination to create your own ultimate first time home.

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