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5 Last Minute Gifts for Gardeners

It's not too late to grab your last few gifts for the aspiring gardener in your family. Admittedly there's only one weekend to go but if you shop around now, perhaps using some of these original gift ideas, you should just be able to keep everyone happy - hopefully.

1. A Winter Garden Tidy Up - Cost £0.00Garden Tidy-Up Gift

I must admit that this would be one of my favourites because it doesn't cost anything except a little of your time. You simply offer your garden tidying services for an afternoon or a whole day if you're feeling up to it.

This type of gift will really be appreciated and the gesture will speak for itself. Priceless.

2. An Indoor Ornamental Orchid - Cost £10.00Beautiful Orchids

Orchids are sold pretty much everywhere these days and I guarantee 100% that you'll be able to get one locally. From supermarkets to garden centres they're stocked just about everywhere.

They make a great gift as you can get them for well under £10 and they last for many months. You'll be spoilt for choice with the amazing colour choices.

3. Jazz up a Boring Container Pot - Cost £7.00Beautiful DIY Container

If you're on a budget this is a great solution perhaps for the gardener who has everything. It's easy to bring out your artistic side by jazzing up a boring plant container. A basic black plastic pot is ideal for obtaining the best transformation from boring to beautiful.

Use a simple home-made stencil and some spray from a local craft or DIY shop... Read more

4. A DIY Bird-House Made of Bread - Cost £0.29DIY BirdHouse

This innovative birdhouse uses an stale loaf of bread as its base along with a pencil and an old broom handle. What a great idea. It saves throwing away an old loaf that's past its best or you could simply buy one of those cheap basics lines and use one of those.

Feed the birds while giving them a little shelter - one for the Robins I think... More images

5. A Free Gardening eBook - Cost £0.00Gardening Free eBook

Ebooks are catching on in a big way - in fact they're outselling paperbacks and hardbacks put together. If you have an eReader then great - but you don't really need one as most are in PDF format and can be read with a free program on your computer (Adobe Reader).

Here's a selection of free gardening ebooks to get you started... Read more

Let me know if you have any other low-cost gardening gifts with a difference that you'd like to share.


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