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10 Things to do with the Children in The Garden This Summer Holiday


It’s that time of year again, the summer holidays are fast approaching and the children are getting excited at the thought of having 6 fun filled weeks at home.  Now, you know for a fact by the time the end of week three approaches they’re going to be complaining about having nothing to do!

So we thought we’d get in there early and provide you with 10 fun things to do in the garden this summer holiday.

1. Make a miniature garden.

Take the children to the garden centre and let them pick out some colourful (easy to maintain) flowers for themselves. You can have fun planting these together, also if you do this at the start of the holiday it’s something they can look after the entire way through.

2. Treasure Hunt

The best thing about the treasure hunt is that it’s completely free! Hide a favourite toy in the garden somewhere and let the children find them by shouting ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’ the closer or further away they get to finding it. Give them Ice lollies as rewards!

Treasure Hunt

3. Enjoy a Picnic

This is probably one of our favourite ones on the list. Everybody loves a picnic and it doesn’t have to be too expensive. Get some crisps, breadsticks, cheese, some sandwich meats to make little finger sandwiches and some biscuits together. It’s exciting for the kids as it’s a different way to have lunch rather than just being sat at the dinner table.  The only other thing you need is a blanket to sit on.

Picnic Basket - The Garden Furniture Centre

4. Create an Obstacle course

This is a lot of fun for older children. Have a look for things around the garden that can be used safely to make the course e.g. a spare tyre. You can also use items like skipping ropes, hula hoops, bikes and even eggs.

Example Course

  • Ride on bikes to the top of the garden

  • Walk as quickly as you can without dropping the egg to hula hoop

  • Do 20 successful hulas

  • Hop quickly to the skipping rope

  • Skip 20 times

  • Run to spare tyre

  • First person to sit down neatly in the tyre wins!
    This is just an example of a short course, you can make it as long as fun as you want too!

5. Make a treasure map

This one can be bags of fun! Buy some gold and silver chocolate coins and put them in a tin or container that seals well. Pick a spot in the garden and bury the tin a few inches deep, then draw up a treasure map for the children to use to locate the buried treasure! You can make the map look worn by scrunching it up and using an old tea bag to discolour it. Make sure you don’t forget where you’ve put it yourself.

Treasure Map

6. Play a sport
Badminton, cricket, tennis, football, the list is endless.

7. Have a tea party

This is one for both the young and older children. Set up some cups and saucers, you can either fill it with tea or a favourite drink of theirs. If you don’t have any, charity shops have stacks of them for really cheap.  Have the little ones invite their favourite teddy’s and the older children can invite some of their friends from school. You can even prepare some snacks.

Tea Party - The Garden Furniture Centre

8. Make a tent

Create a makeshift tent from old sheets or towels. In here you can tell stories, enjoy some finger food or even star gaze later on in the evening.

9. Get Educational

Go on a hunt around the garden for different kinds of bugs, flowers and trees. Make sure you’ve got some paper and pens. After they’ve written down what they’ve found you can go and research them on the computer together.

10. Make a scarecrow

If you have any old clothes that the kiddies have grown out of you can make a scarecrow. You simply need some hay to stuff the clothing with, a hat, some bamboo to hold him up and an old plastic plant pot to make the head. Using plastic is a good idea as you can use felt tips or markers to give it some facial features



There we have it, 10 reasonably cheap activities that will keep the kids entertained for hours. We hope you find this useful, it’d be great to hear if you do any of the above with your kids over the holidays


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