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White Elephant Ornament Zoom

White Elephant Ornament


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Product Description


    White Elephant …

    The White Elephant is iconic in Thailand

    Superbly finished and painted hand carving …

    The elephant is significant in Thailand both past and present.

    In bygone eras elephants were used as a formidable force in warfare but in more recent times they have played a large part as beasts of burden in the logging industry.

    In fact, you could say that the elephant is a National Icon in Thailand …

    They also have great spiritual significance because of their association with the Buddhist and Hindu faiths.

    White Elephants, however, have an even more auspicious status and, by law, belong to the King.

    The following is an excerpt from Thaizer, written by Roy Cavanagh …

    “The expression ‘white elephant’ is believed to come from when kings used to give white elephants as presents. If somebody was in favour with the king, land would be given in addition to the elephant. However, if the king wanted to prove a point to somebody who needed to be taught a lesson, the elephant would be given but no land. As it was forbidden for the royal elephant to work or to be sold, its upkeep became a very expensive undertaking and with no land for the animal, the recipient would often be driven to financial ruin in trying to maintain the elephant.”

    The detail on this hand carving really does this iconic symbol justice with realistic texturing to the skin and ears and pupils depicted in the eyes.

    There is also a fabulous sense of movement to the whole thing.

    Add to this the intricately decorated silver head-cap and back covering and you’ve got a totally bespoke ornament that will be cherished for years to come.

    For further information on this White Elephant please speak with our friendly Sales Team.

    Height: 49cm
    Length: 49cm
    Width: 27cm


    Please note that movement such as small cracks in the surface of your furniture is normal and part of the nature of the wood.

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