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TNT Stacking Chair


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TNT Stacking Chair

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TNT Stacking …

Teak Oil – Just Say NO

Weather Cover

Batyline fabrics are UV Stabilised

Stylish, in with the trend and stacks away neatly …

TNT Stacking Chairs look great in commercial and domestic settings with hand finished teak frames and specially manufactured Batyline fabric slings available in three vibrant colours.

The slung seats mould to the shape of the body offering a very comfortable seating experience all round.

They are attached to the chair body with steel fastening bars sunk discreetly into the teak frames themselves for maximum strength over time.

The feet are capped with plastic studs for extra protection.

Specialist Batyline Fabrics:

Batyline is a patented fabric and comes with a full five year guarantee.


  • High tenacity polyester yarn.
  • Specific sheath formulation.
  • Patented technology from Serge Ferrari.
  • The weave openness is optimised for regular use.

High Fabric Specification Drawing

The Benefits to you:

  • Immensely strong and tear resistant. UV stabilisers are also added so it doesn’t fade over time.
  • A light mix of soapy water will clean the fabric in seconds.
  • Tension in the fabrics is uniformly conserved reducing the likelihood of sagging over time.
  • This uniform weave offers very vibrant colours.
  • Stays cool in summer, dries very quickly.

The high oil content and dense grain of the quality teak used for the frames also offers natural protection against the UK weather without the need for external protection.

Mortice and tenon joints reinforced with teak dowels are used in the construction another thing that contributes to its suitability for regular outdoor use.

For further information please contact our Sales Team in the Midlands.

 High quality dining furniture from Kingdom Teak


Height: 96cm

Width: 60cm

Depth: 50cm

Armrest Height: 67cm



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