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Reclaimed Teak Wagon Wheel Bench


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How they're made

Teak Oil – Just Say NO

Genuine Ox Cart Wheel makes up the Back Rest

A heavy weight in reclaimed teak.

It weighs in at a massive 62kg’s and is nearly one and a half metres tall and wide - so think carefully about where to put – you may not want to move it twice!

The reclaimed wagon wheel that has been used for the back support can be seen in all its glory in the back view pictured. This photo also demonstrates the way the whole thing is angled back slightly for added comfort.

The mixture of worked reclaimed teak and teak reclaimed from teak in its natural state lends the bench a paradoxical feel unique to this piece.

The smoothed teak feature board in the middle of the front cross support is just begging to be engraved or have a plaque added to further personalise the bench.

Two people can sit comfortably on this reclaimed teak bench and the centre of the wheel bearing is used to good effect as a divider and armrest in the middle of the two shaped seating sections.

The curved, natural teak arms add a different dimension along with the other supporting sections in the same style.

When you consider the work and craftsmanship that has gone to make this impressive bench it’s a bargain at just under £350 – especially when you consider that you’re helping to reduce deforestation in Indonesia as well.

Impressive from all anglesFurniture fit for a KingAngled back slightly for added comfort


Length: 128cm
Depth: 72cm
Height: 128cm
Weight: 62kg
Full depth including hub: 79cm



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