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Heatwave Gazebo Heater X2 Offer


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Heatwave Gazebo Heater X2 Offer

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Product specifications:
Metallic silver with gold standard lamps
Efficient - only heats people not the air in between.
Effective - the only form of heat which does not blow away.
Economic - costs less than 14 pence an hour to run. Based on electricity costs of 7p/kw hour.
Instant - heat effective within seconds of switching on.
Directional - point the heater for heat exactly where you want it.
Durable - maintenance free.
Attractive - heater housed in a floodlight casing to blend in with any outdoor environment.
Warranty - full one year warranty.
Affordable, silent operation, odourless, convenient.
Double switch - enables 2 or 4 lights to be turned on and off
New modern slick design
Gold lamps to maximize heat output

Power specifications:
Heaters - 4 x 500w
Power supply - 230v ac
Fuse - 13a
Lead - supplied with 10m lead
Fits pole size - 25-55mm
Heat output - 2kw
Power req - 13 amps



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