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Clarence the Cow Mailbox Zoom

Clarence the Cow Mailbox


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Product Description


    Clarence – a cow that holds the mail …

    Clarence is Recycled

    How they're made

    Clarence holds the mail

    Her sister’s a Cow Planter, you know …

    “Sometimes I wish they wouldn’t mention my sister, Clarence the Cow Planter, it takes away from my limelight – although she’s very nice, of course.

    Anyway, sorry, I should introduce myself really – I’m Clarence the Cow Mailbox, pleased to meet you.

    Whereas my sister holds plants in her back, my speciality is holding the post in my mouth to keep it safe and dry.

    I’ve even got a handy little bell that the postie can ring and tell you you’ve got mail.

    I’ve come all the way from Vietnam, the locals over there make me by hand from 44-gallon shipping drums that have been recycled – so I guess, in my own little way, I’m helping the environment as well.

    Clarence the Planter came first and I’m a more recent addition to the family but I’ve been welcomed with open arms – especially by the guys at The Garden Furniture Centre, they’re great.

    Oh, I should give Arron Jackson a mention as well – he’s the one who originally designs us all over in Australia – great fella, works really hard to make sure we’re unique.

    Anyway, I think I can hear the postman, so I better stop chatting … bye now.”

    Please Note: due to their bespoke nature the colours on Clarence The Mailbox do vary from the featured picture above.

    Height: 69cm
    Width: 42cm
    Depth: 78cm

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