Garden Offices and Studios by Decorated Shed

Guest blog by Decorated Shed.

Decorated Shed is a maker of carefully-crafted and high-quality garden offices and studios. Each garden office or studio is made using Decorated Shed’s innovative build process that results in a very sturdy, yet stylish studio or office, which fits perfectly into any garden setting. Each studio or office is designed to stand up to any weather condition, leaving anyone and anything inside safe and comfortable. In short, we create beautiful buildings that are designed to perform and last.

There are a number of reasons why you would benefit from a Decorated Shed garden office or studio. A garden studio or office can give you the extra space you may need, without having to buy a more expensive and more time-consuming traditional house extension, which can also leave your home looking mismatched or lopsided. A Decorated Shed eliminates all of these potential problems, and gives you a dedicated space for a number of uses. Popular uses for a Decorated Shed garden office or studio includes home offices for one or more people, home gyms, home cinemas, game rooms and much more.

One of the most useful aspects of Decorated Shed garden offices and studios, and one of the reasons we can meet the needs of each individual customer, is the option to have your building be completely bespoke. This means you can have a studio or office that sits perfectly in the space available in your garden, and that fulfils any requirements you may have. You can select the size and shape of your new office or studio, as well as selecting window and door placement to best capture the sunlight, along with a whole host of other options.

Decorated Shed also has a commitment to using a number of environmentally-friendly materials and building techniques on every garden office or studio. All the external wood cladding we use comes from sustainable sources. Plus, the innovative build process we use means there is very little need for heating or cooling at any time of the year, which is beneficial both to you and the environment.
Garden Offices and Studios
With the high build quality and the flexibility of Decorated Shed garden offices and studios, there is sure to be one which would have a major positive impact on your home life, but also serve as an astute investment, because it can add a significant amount to the value of your home. A Decorated Shed garden office or studio will keep on performing year after year, and if required, the original purpose of the building can be altered to reflect changes in your life. So, when you realise the potential and the benefits of having a garden office or studio, look no further than Decorated Shed.

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