£1200 Tree Bench Competition – Ending Soon

The Windsor Tree Bench competition has been an amazing success and there’s still time to enter if you’ve missed out so far.

Tree Bench Prize Draw – Read These Entries

All of your entries are much appreciated but some have really stood out so far. Here are a few that we’ve received to date:

“I would love to win this for Frith Wood School in North Wood as my brother in law was the school caretaker there until he passed away suddenly 12 weeks ago aged 41. My sister is still working at the school as a nursery teacher and there son Zac attends the school. It’s been such a terrible time for my sister and the children and the school have been fantastic to my sister my brother in law is missed every day and this bench could be a memorial in some way at the school so mark can be remembered x”. N. Chapman

“Pennyman Primary School Middlesbrough where my children attend could do with outdoor seating to benefit the children as well as the parents who have to stand for a considerable amount of time most days.  The tree in the middle is also a great idea for teaching the children about nature and season changing.” C.Stephens.

“Sandown Primary School, Deal, Kent . My granddaughter who is 5 attends here and would b lovely for her and her friends to sit and chat during lunch break if they get warn out from all there running around.” S.Bourner.

wooden tree bench in garden

“I would like to nominate my daughters school Thorndown Primary School in St Ives, Cambs.  They do so much for the children and are a very ‘outdoory’ school.  The children have to have wellies left at school and go outside to play whether its sunny, rainy, snowy, muddy!!  They have vegetable patches and everything is geared toward making friends and working together, so I know would put this fabulous seat to great use with the children.” K.Hooper.

“I would like to nominate my son Robbie’s special needs school (Fairfields School Northampton). The front garden is home to many small trees planted for students who’s lives sadly ended too soon and it would be lovely to have this beautiful bench for friends and parents to sit on and remember these wonderful young people who have touched many of our lives. A link to info about the school: http://atschool.eduweb.co.uk/fairfields/ Thanks for the chance to give something back to this school who has provided so much care and support to so many families, including ours!” S.Johnson.

“Lancing Sensory Garden Project is an up and coming project in my village where locals are rallying round to develop a community space.” R. Mounteney.

“My grandad, who has recntly lost most of his mobility, however he still enjoys sitting in his garden, so this would be fab for him.” J.Peek.

“My nomination would be Knighton Park Gardening Club, as a small group of volunteers in 2007 we set about creating a sensory garden for the enjoyment of the people of Leicester. Almost everything used in the garden has been recycled and ingeniously refashioned. The majority of plants and shrubs have been donated or propogated by ourselves. Bought fruit trees are local heritage varieties and sourced locally. We also grow many herbs and seasonal vegetables for children to sample and learn about. Once a week young disabled adults spend a day with us, gaining experience and new skills in the garden.
This splendid seat would enhance and benefit our little haven of tranquility and be well used by our varied and many visitors. www.knightonparkgardeningclub.com.” J.Park

“Second Chance Animal Rescue at Crockenhill Kent.  This Animal Sanctuary (Charity ID:55259) was hit by vandals last year – they had animal housing wrecked and animals were hurt and/or went missing.  They do a terrific job in rescuing and caring for a range of animals and it would be lovely to win something so beautiful for them.  This bench would be a lovely feature and I’m sure they’d find a suitable place for it for maximum enjoyment.  They try to find forever homes for animals where possible but every fit and healthy creature is welcome to live out its days with them if a permanent home cannot be found; they operate a policy that will never euthanise a healthy animal and even with their limited funds provide first class vet care for every animal.  Anything that could make life less of a struggle for them would be brilliant and if people could sit on this bench to watch and talk about how well, for example,  species interact, it could help promote their good work and benefit the animals in a lot of ways too.  Thank you for considering Second Chance as my nomination”. D.Brown

There have been hundreds of very worthy causes and we’ve only listed a few above.

Tree Bench Prize Draw Entry

The prize draw entry ends this week on Thursday 28th February so don’t miss out. Place your entry here now >>

tree bench

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2 thoughts on “£1200 Tree Bench Competition – Ending Soon

  1. Angela Briggs

    I would like to nominate my daughter. I became disabled a few years ago, and don’t think I would have got through the trauma that this caused to me and the changes that I have had to make in my life without the help and support of my daughter, who has been there for me, every (small) step of the way. She has been my little STAR!

  2. lisa williams

    I would love to win for Weston Rhyn primary school. The kids love their forest school classes/mucky mondays and a proper seat to rest their little bottoms would be perfect and save them from the cold. Its only a tiny little village school but the kids are all amazing each and every one of them. A real credit to the school and the community. Summer stories, education and a fantastic seat that will tell a thousand stories in years to come.

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