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Apple Day Bed - Helios


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Apple Day Bed - Helios

Rattan weave

Cushion Colours


The Mighty Helios ...

Synthetic Outdoor Weave and chunky outdoor cushionsAs seen on ITV Heaven in your Back Garden

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As seen on Series Two - 'Love Your Garden' - ITV ...

A really quirky design, it’s even got a stalk – woven out of rattan – sticking out the top to make it look more like an apple woven out of rattan!

It almost begs you to get in and relax.


Big enough for two to four people there’s plenty of space inside this novelty piece of rattan garden furniture.

The kids could even have a sleep over in it – not sure how much sleep they’d get though!

The whole thing rotates 360 degrees on a solid, round base covered in rattan weave. You really can follow the sun – in the spirit of, ‘helios,’ the Greek word for sun – in this Apple Day Bed from the Garden Furniture Centre.

The front screen rotates on a hinge attached underneath the rattan apple stalk if you want the warmth of the sun without the glare in your eyes.

The frame is made of aluminium poles with the weave attached to the outside.

The base-cushions are six inches deep for added comfort. They’re fitted in four triangular pieces that sit together to line the circular cross-section of the moveable body. This is a really nice attention to detail and makes the interior more aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

There are scatter cushions included in the price as well. All cushions are fully dry-cleanable.

The Apple Day Bed is available in Cappucino rattan weave and the rotating attachment is that well engineered that the hollow, apple-shaped body can be moved with one finger.

We also sell a weather cover to keep it pristine when it’s not in use.

Hand-Woven from Viro-Fibre - Award Winning Rattan Weave ...

Viro-Fibre is a revolutionary, synthetic rattan weave specifically designed for use in rattan garden furniture. The main benefits to you are as follows:

  • It’s specifically designed to look and feel like natural rattan.
  • It’s simple and quick to clean down – either do the whole day bed with a hose, or target individual areas with a wet cloth.
  • The colours on Viro-fibre rattan-weave are just as vibrant as those in the wood and abaca ranges.
  • It has a high resistance to water and extremes of temperature making it perfect for use outside all year round.
  • It looks and feels like natural rattan.


UV Stabilised Rattan as standardGeorgeous Cappucino WeaveRotates 360 Degrees so you follow the sun


A New Generation of Synthetic Wicker available from The Garden Furniture Centre.  

For further Help and Support with your purchase please call our showroom in the Midlands.


Diameter: 2m
Height: 2.3m (including stalk)
Viro weave diameter: 6mm
Internal seating area: 175cm diameter
Internal area: 195cm diameter
Swivel top : 360 degrees
Swivel base : 360 degrees Turntable can be removed to use wheel base 6mm weave



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